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23-Jan-2009Crystal structure of CbpF, a bifunctional choline-binding protein and autolysis regulator from Streptococcus pneumoniaeMolina, Rafael; González, Ana; Stelter, Meike; Pérez-Dorado, Inmaculada; Kahn, Richard; Morales, María; Campuzano, Susana; Campillo, Nuria Eugenia; Mobashery, Shahriar; García López, José Luis; García, Pedro; Hermoso, Juan A.Artículo
Apr-2010Crystallization of the pneumococcal autolysin LytC: in-house phasing using novel lanthanide complexesPérez-Dorado, Inmaculada; Sanles, Reyes; González, Ana; García, Pedro; García López, José Luis; Martínez-Ripoll, Martín; Hermoso, Juan A.Artículo
Aug-2007Elucidation of the Molecular Recognition of Bacterial Cell Wall by Modular Pneumococcal Phage Endolysin Cpl-1Pérez-Dorado, Inmaculada; Campillo, Nuria Eugenia; Monterroso, Begoña; Hesek, Dusan; Lee, Mijoon; Páez, Juan A.; García, Pedro; Martínez-Ripoll, Martín; García López, José Luis; Mobashery, Shahriar; Menéndez, Margarita; Hermoso, Juan A.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3