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openAccessAlonso-Blanco_2015_IOP_Conf._Ser.__Earth_Environ._Sci._28_012001.pdf.jpg2015Atmospheric Particle Size Distributions in the Spanish Network of Environmental DMAs (REDMAAS)Alonso-Blanco, E.; Gómez-Moreno, F J; Artíñano, Begoña ; Iglesias Samitier, S.; Juncal, V.; Piñeiro Iglesias, M.; López Mahía, P.; Pérez, Noemí; Brines, Mariola ; Alastuey, Andrés ; Querol, Xavier  ; Alados-Arboledas, L.artículo
closedAccess12-May-2005Biological properties of arginine-based glycerolipidic cationic surfactantsPérez, Noemí; Pérez, Lourdes ; Infante, María Rosa ; García Ramón, María Teresa  artículo
openAccess2016[Dataset] O3, UFP and VOCs field campaign in Madrid, July 2016Pérez, Noemí; Reche, Cristina ; Ealo, Marina ; Titos, Gloria; Lee, Hong Ku; Eun, Hee-Ram; Park, Yong-Hee; Mantilla, Enrique; Escudero, Miguel ; Gómez-Moreno, Francisco J.; Alonso-Blanco, Elisabeth; Coz, Esther ; Saiz-Lopez, A. ; Beddows, D.C.S.; Harrison, Roy M.; Ahn, Kang-Ho; Alastuey, Andrés ; Querol, Xavier  dataset
openAccess1-s2.0-S0048969720347951-main.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2020Evaluation of the Semi-Continuous OCEC analyzer performance with the EUSAAR2 protocolKaranasiou, Angeliki  ; Panteliadis, P.; Pérez, Noemí; Minguillón, María Cruz  ; Pandolfi, Marco ; Titos, Gloria; Viana, Mar  ; Moreno, Teresa  ; Querol, Xavier  ; Alastuey, Andrés artículo
openAccess1-s2.0-S1352231015304921-main.pdf.jpg2015Field comparison of portable and stationary instruments for outdoor urban air exposure assessmentsViana, Mar  ; Rivas, Ioar; Reche, Cristina ; Fonseca, Ana Sofia; Pérez, Noemí; Querol, Xavier  ; Alastuey, Andrés ; Álvarez-Pedrerol, M.; Sunyer, J.artículo
openAccess20-Feb-2019Influence of electronic cigarette vaping on the composition of indoor organic pollutants, particles, and exhaled breath of bystandersVan Drooge, Barend L. ; Marco, Esther ; Pérez, Noemí; Grimalt, Joan O.  artículo
openAccess[23915420 - Open Chemistry] Microstuctural analysis and determination of PM10 emission sources in an industrial Mediterranean city.pdf.jpg2014Microstuctural analysis and determination of PM10 emission sources in an industrial Mediterranean cityTolis, E.I.; Gkanas, E.I.; Pavlidou, E.; Skemperi, A.; Pey, Jorge ; Pérez, Noemí; Bartzis, J.G.artículo
openAccessMonitoring the impact of desert dust outbreaks for air quality for health studies.pdf.jpgSep-2019Monitoring the impact of desert dust outbreaks for air quality for health studiesQuerol, Xavier  ; Tobías, Aurelio ; Pérez, Noemí; Karanasiou, Angeliki  ; Amato, Fulvio  ; Stafoggia, Massimo; Pérez García-Pando, Carlos; Ginoux, Paul A.; Forastiere, Francesco; Gumy, Sophie; Mudu, Pierpaolo; Alastuey, Andrés artículo
openAccessOct-2019Relating high ozone, ultrafine particles, and new particle formation episodes using cluster analysisCarnerero, Cristina  ; Pérez, Noemí; Petäj̈ä, Tuukka; Laurila, Tiia M.; Ahonen, Lauri R.; Kontkanen, Jenni; Ahn, Kang-ho; Alastuey, Andrés ; Querol, Xavier  artículo
openAccessc5fd00182j.pdf.jpg2016Secondary organic aerosol origin in an urban environment: Influence of biogenic and fuel combustion precursorsMinguillón, María Cruz  ; Pérez, Noemí; Marchand, N.; Bertrand, A.; Temime-Roussel, B.; Agrios, K.; Szidat, S.; Van Drooge, Barend L. ; Sylvestre, A.; Alastuey, Andrés ; Reche, Cristina ; Ripoll, Anna ; Marco, Esther ; Grimalt, Joan O. ; Querol, Xavier  artículo
openAccess15-Sep-2019Synergistic effect of the occurrence of African dust outbreaks on atmospheric pollutant levels in the Madrid metropolitan areaSalvador, Pedro; Molero, Francisco; Fernandez, Alfonso Javier; Tobías, Aurelio ; Pandolfi, Marco ; Gómez-Moreno, Francisco Javier; Barreiro, Marcos; Pérez, Noemí; Marco, Isabel Martínez; Revuelta, M. A.; Querol, Xavier  ; Artíñano, Begoña artículo
openAccessacp-16-11787-2016.pdf.jpg2016Trends analysis of PM source contributions and chemical tracers in NE Spain during 2004-2014: A multi-exponential approachPandolfi, Marco ; Alastuey, Andrés ; Pérez, Noemí; Reche, Cristina ; Castro, Iria; Shatalov, V.; Querol, Xavier  artículo
embargoedAccess2019Vertical and horizontal fall-off of black carbon and NO2 within urban blocksAmato, Fulvio  ; Pérez, Noemí; López, M.; Ripoll, Anna ; Alastuey, Andrés ; Pandolfi, Marco ; Karanasiou, Angeliki  ; Salmatonidis, Apostolos; Padoan, Elio; Frasca, D.; Marcoccia, M.; Viana, Mar  ; Moreno, Teresa  ; Reche, Cristina ; Martins, Vania; Brines, Mariola ; Minguillón, María Cruz  ; Ealo, Marina ; Rivas, I.; van Drooge, Barend L. ; Benavides, Jaime; Craviotto, J.M.; Querol, Xavier  artículo