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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessJul-20017-Branes and Higher Kaluza-Klein BranesLozano-Tellechea, Ernesto; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessApr-1996A non-supersymmetric dyonic extreme Reissner-Nordström black holeKhuri, Ramzi R.; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessJun-2005A note on simple applications of the Killing spinor identitiesBellorín Romero, Jorge Alejandro; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess2005A note on supersymmetric Gödel black holes, strings and rings of minimal d = 5 supergravityOrtín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessDec-1997A note on the D-2-brane of the massive type IIA theory and gauged sigma modelsOrtín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessApr-1989A proof of BRST invarianceOrtín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessJun-2011A simple derivation of supersymmetric extremal black-hole attractorsOrtín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessOct-2005All the supersymmetric configurations of N = 4, d = 4 supergravityBellorín Romero, Jorge Alejandro; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess2007All the supersymmetric solutions of N = 1, d = 5 ungauged supergravityBellorín Romero, Jorge Alejandro; Meessen, Patrick; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessFeb-1999An Sl(2, Z) multiplet of nine-dimensional type II supergravity theoriesMeessen, Patrick; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessMay-2001An SL(3,R) multiplet of 8-dimensional type II supergravity theories and the gauged supergravity insideAlonso-Alberca, Natxo; Meessen, Patrick; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess1992Asymptoptic density of states of p-BranesÁlvarez, Enrique; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess1994Black-hole–wave duality in string theoryBergshoeff, Eric A.; Kallosh, Renata; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessAug-2007Characterization of all the supersymmetric solutions of gauged N = 1, D = 5 supergravityBellorín Romero, Jorge Alejandro; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess1993Charge quantization of axion-dilaton black holesKallosh, Renata; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess1991Critical behavior of heterotic strings to all orders in string perturbation theoryÁlvarez, Enrique; Ortín Miguel, Tomás; Osorio, M. A. R.
closedAccessMay-1990Critical temperature for interacting bosonic stringsÁlvarez, Enrique; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccess2-Feb-2010Domain walls and instantons in N=1, d=4 supergravityHübscher, Mechthild; Meessen, Patrick; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessOct-1995Duality in the type-II superstring effective actionBergshoeff, Eric A.; Hull, Chris; Ortín Miguel, Tomás
openAccessMar-1995Duality versus supersymmetry and compactificationBergshoeff, Eric A.; Kallosh, Renata; Ortín Miguel, Tomás