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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2014A novel photoresponsive azobenzene-containing miktoarm star polymer: Self-assembly and photoresponse propertiesBlasco, Eva; Schmidt, Bernhard V. K.; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis
closedAccess2012Azobenzene-containing linearedendritic block copolymers prepared by sequential ATRP and click chemistryBlasco, Eva; Barrio, Jesús del; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis; Berges, Cristina; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafael
closedAccess2013Blends of an azomethacrylic block copolymer for volume holographic storage using low energy 10 ms light pulsesBerges, Cristina; Oriol, Luis; Piñol, Milagros; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Alcalá, Rafael
openAccess2011Catálisis, en la ruta de la producción sostenibleOriol, Luis; Pérez-Torrente, Jesús J.
closedAccess2013Cell adhesion on surface patterns generated by the photocrosslinking of hyperbranched polyesters with a trisdiazonium saltLomba, Miguel; Oriol, Luis; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Grazú, Valeria; Moros, María; Serrano, José Luis; Fuente, Jesús M. de la
closedAccess20-Oct-2006Cyclotriphosphazene as a dendritic core for the preparation of columnar supermolecular liquid crystalsBarberá, Joaquín; Jiménez, Josefina; Laguna, Antonio; Oriol, Luis; Pérez, Sonia; Serrano, José Luis
closedAccess30-May-2006Determination of the self-association and inter-association equilibrium constants of a carboxylic acid and its mixtures with pyridine derivatesGonzález, Ana I.; Irusta, S.; Fernández-Berridi, M. J.; Iruin, J. J.; Sierra, Teresa; Oriol, Luis
closedAccess2013Diblock copolymer-azobenzene complexes through hydrogen bonding: Self-assembly and stable photoinduced optical anisotropyBarrio, Jesús del; Blasco, Eva; Oriol, Luis; Alcalá, Rafael; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos
closedAccess2010Extended liquid-crystalline oligofluorenes with photo- and electroluminescenceBarrio, Jesús del; Chinellato, Luiz S.; Serrano, José Luis; Oriol, Luis; Piñol, Milagros
closedAccess14-Sep-2007Fluorene-based liquid crystalline networks with linearly polarized blue emission.Millaruelo, Marta; Chinellato, Luiz S.; Serrano, José Luis; Oriol, Luis; Piñol, Milagros
closedAccess2011In situ photopolymerization of biomaterials by thiol-yne click chemistryLomba, Miguel; Oriol, Luis; Alcalá, Rafael; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Grazú, Valeria; Serrano, José Luis; Fuente, Jesús M. de la
closedAccess2013Light induced molecular release from vesicles based on amphiphilic linear-dendritic block copolymersBlasco, Eva; Barrio, Jesús del; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis
openAccess2011Light-responsive block copolymers based on azobenzeneBarrio, Jesús del; Blasco, Eva; Forcén, Patricia; Berges, Cristina; Tejedor, Rosa M.; Serrano, José Luis; Piñol, Milagros; Alcalá, Rafael; Oriol, Luis
closedAccess2012Maltose-based gelators having azobenzene as light-sensitive unitClemente, María J.; Tejedor, Rosa M.; Romero, Pilar; Fitremann, Juliette; Oriol, Luis
closedAccess2007Methacrylic azopolymers for holographic storage: A comparison among different polymer types.Forcén, Patricia; Oriol, Luis; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Rodríguez, Francisco J.; Alcalá, Rafael
closedAccess2012New liquid crystalline materials based on two generations of dendronised cyclophosphazenesJiménez, Josefina; Laguna, Antonio; Gascón, Elena; Sanz, José Antonio; Serrano, José Luis; Barberá, Joaquín; Oriol, Luis
openAccess2011Nuevos biomateriales microestructurados con luzMenéndez Díaz, A.; Sánchez-Somolinos, Carlos; Oriol, Luis
closedAccess2010Oligofluorene blue emitters for cholesteric liquid crystal lasersChinellato, Luiz S.; Barrio, Jesús del; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis
closedAccess2010Photochemical behaviour of an acid-terminated azopolymer in solution and in Langmuir-Blodgett filmsHaro, Marta; Gascón, Ignacio; Oriol, Luis; Cea, Pilar
closedAccess2013Photochemical generation of light responsive surfacesBlasco, Eva; Piñol, Milagros; Oriol, Luis; Barner-Kowollik, Christopher