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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Analysis and optimization of propagation losses in LiNbO 3 optical waveguides produced by swift heavy-ion irradiationJubera, M.; Villarroel, J.; García Cabañes, A.; Carrascosa, M. ; Olivares Villegas, José ; Agulló-López, F.; Méndez, A.; Ramiro, J.B.artículo
closedAccess2011Electronic damage in quartz (c-SiO2) by MeV ion irradiations: Potentiality for optical waveguiding applicationsManzano-Santamaría, J.; Olivares Villegas, José ; Rivera, Antonio; Agulló-López, F.artículo
openAccesshttpGetPDFServletdoi=10.1063_1.pdf.jpgApr-2005Generation of high-confinement step-like optical waveguides in LiNbO3 by swift heavy ion-beam irradiationOlivares Villegas, José ; García, Gustavo ; García Navarro, A.; Agulló-López, F.; Caballero, O.; García Cabañes, A.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2016In situ monitoring the optical properties of dielectric materials during ion irradiationPeña Rodríguez, Ovidio ; Crespillo, M. L.; Díaz-Núñez, Pablo; Perlado, J. M.; Rivera, A.; Olivares Villegas, José artículo
openAccessIn-depth structural.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2019In-depth structural analysis of swift heavy ion irradiation in KY(WO4)2 for the fabrication of planar optical waveguidesFrentrop, R.; Subbotin, I.; Segerink, F.; Keim, R.; Tormo-Marquez, V.; Olivares Villegas, José ; Shcherbachev, K.; Yakunin, S.; Makhotkin, I.; Garcia-Blanco, S.M.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg8-Sep-2015Ion beam modification of dielectric materials in the electronic excitation regime: Cumulative and exciton modelsAgulló-López, F.; Climent-Font, A.; Muñoz-Martín, Á.; Olivares Villegas, José ; Zucchiatti, A.artículo
openAccessIon-Beam0001.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2007Ion-beam damage and non-radiative exciton decay in LiNbO3Agulló-López, F.; Méndez, A.; García, Gustavo ; Olivares Villegas, José ; Cabrera, J.M.comunicación de congreso
openAccesshttpGetPDFServlet1063_1.pdf.jpgApr-2007Kinetics of ion-beam damage in lithium niobateGarcía Navarro, A.; Agulló-López, F.; Bianconi, M.; Olivares Villegas, José ; García, Gustavo artículo
openAccessGetPDFServlet.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2001Large enhancement of the third-order optical susceptibility in Cu-silica composites produced by low-energy high-current ion implantationOlivares Villegas, José ; Requejo-Isidro, José; Coso López, Raúl del; de Nalda, R. ; Solís Céspedes, Javier ; Afonso, Carmen N. ; Stepanov, A. L.; Hole, D.; Townsend, Paul D.; Naudon, A.artículo
openAccessLow loss optical.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2019Low loss optical waveguides fabricated in LiTaO3 by swift heavy ion irradiationTormo-Marquez, V.; Díaz-Hijar, M.; Carrascosa, M. ; Shur, V.Y.A.; Olivares Villegas, José actas de congreso
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2015Mechanical response to swift ion irradiation-induced nano-tracks in silicaPáramo, Á.R.; Sordo, F.; Garoz, D.; Peña Rodríguez, Ovidio ; Prada, A.; Olivares Villegas, José ; Crespillo, M.L. ; Perlado, J.M.; Rivera, A.artículo
openAccessGarcia_DiamRelMat_2016_postprint.pdf.jpgOct-2016Micro and nano-patterning of single-crystal diamond by swift heavy ion irradiationGarcía, Gustavo ; López Mir, Laura ; Ocal, Carmen ; Díaz-Hijar, M.; Olivares Villegas, José artículo
openAccessGarcía.pdf.jpg2006Monte Carlo simulation of damage and amorphization induced by swift-ion irradiation in LiNbO3García, Gustavo ; Agulló-López, F.; Olivares Villegas, José ; García Navarro, A.artículo
openAccessWO2005083479A1.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2005Novel method for producing optical means, said optical means and the use thereofOlivares Villegas, José ; Agulló-López, F.; García López, Gastónpatente
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2009Periodic poling of optical waveguides produced by swift-heavy-ion irradiation in LiNbO3Caballero-Calero, Olga ; García Cabañes, A.; Carrascosa, M. ; Agulló-López, F.; Villarroel, J.; Crespillo, M. L.; Olivares Villegas, José artículo
openAccessPermanent modifications.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2017Permanent modifications in silica produced by ion-induced high electronic excitation: Experiments and atomistic simulationsRivera, Antonio; Olivares Villegas, José ; Prada, A.; Crespillo, M. L.; Caturla, M. J.; Bringa, E. M.; Perlado, J. M.; Peña-Rodríguez, O.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2015Structural damage on single-crystal diamond by swift heavy ion irradiationGarcía, Gustavo ; Díaz-Híjar, M.; Tormo-Márquez, V.; Preda, I.; Peña Rodríguez, Ovidio ; Olivares Villegas, José artículo
openAccessUnderstanding the ion-induced.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2017Understanding the ion-induced elongation of silver nanoparticles embedded in silicaPeña-Rodríguez, O.; Prada, A.; Olivares Villegas, José ; Oliver, Alicia; Rodríguez-Fernández, L.; Silva-Pereyra, H. G.; Bringa, Eduardo; Perlado, J. M.; Rivera, Antonioartículo