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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2002A fadD mutant of Sinorhizobium meliloti shows multicellular swarming migration and is impaired in nodulation efficiency on alfalfa rootsSoto, María José; Fernández Pascual, Mercedes; Sanjuán, Juan; Olivares, José
closedAccess2011Amorphization kinetics under swift heavy ion irradiation: A cumulative overlapping-track approachGarcía, G.; Rivera, A.; Crespillo, M.L; Gordillo, Nuria; Olivares, José; Agulló-López, F.
closedAccess2009Assessment of swift-ion damage by RBS/C: Determination of the amorphization thresholdRivera de Mena, Antonio; Olivares, José; Crespillo, M. L.; García, G.; Bianconi, M.; Agulló-López, F.
openAccess2007Buried amorphous layers by electronic excitation in ion-beam irradiated lithium niobate: Structure and kineticsOlivares, José; García-Navarro, A.; García, G.; Agulló-López, F.; Agulló Rueda, F.; García-Cabaes, A.; Carrascosa, M.
openAccess2012Characterization and inhibition of photorefractive optical damage of swift heavy ion irradiation waveguides in LiNbO 3Jubera, M.; García Cabañes, A.; Carrascosa, M.; Olivares, José; Lüedtke, F.
closedAccessSep-2008DC triode sputtering deposition and characterization of N-rich copper nitride thin films: Role of chemical compositionGordillo, Nuria; González-Arrabal, Raquel; Martín-González, Marisol S.; Olivares, José; Rivera de Mena, Antonio; Briones Fernández-Pola, Fernando; Agulló-López, F.; Boerma, D. O.
openAccess1-Jul-2010Effect of defect accumulation on ion-beam damage morphology by electronic excitation in lithium niobate: A MonteCarlo approachRivera de Mena, Antonio; Crespillo, M. L.; Olivares, José; García, G.; Agulló-López, F.
closedAccess2006Effect of local rotations on the optical response of LiNbO3: Application to ion-beam damageGarcía, G.; Olivares, José; Agulló-López, F.; García Navarro, A.; Agulló Rueda, F.; García Cabañes, A.; Carrascosa, M.
openAccess2011Elastic (stress-strain) halo associated with ion-induced nano-tracks in lithium niobate: Role of crystal anisotropyRivera, A.; García, G.; Olivares, José; Crespillo, M. L.; Agulló-López, F.
closedAccess2008Electronic-excitation versus nuclear collision damage by ion-beams in dielectric materials (LiNbO3)Rivera, A.; Olivares, José; García, G.; Agulló-López, F.
closedAccess2014Embedded silver nanoparticle multilayers fabricated by femtosecond pulsed laser depositionPeña-Rodríguez, O.; González-Izquierdo, J.; Rivera, A.; Balabanian, G.; Olivares, José; Perlado, J.M.; Bañares, L.
closedAccess2006Fabrication of optical waveguides in KGW by swift heavy ion beam irradiationGarcía Navarro, A.; Olivares, José; García, G.; Agulló-López, F.; García-Blanco, S.; Merchant, C.; Aitchison, J. S.
closedAccess2009Fabrication of Periodically Poled Swift Ion-irradiation Waveguides in LiNbO3Caballero-Calero, Olga; García Cabañes, A.; Carrascosa, M.; Bermúdez, V.; Crespillo, M.; Olivares, José
openAccess2008Femtosecond laser and swift-ion damage in lithium niobate: A comparative analysisGarcía Navarro, A.; Agulló-López, F.; Olivares, José; Lamela, J.; Jaque, F
closedAccess2014First tests of the ion irradiation and implantation beamline at the CMAMiménez-Rey, D.; Benedicto, M.; Muñoz-Martín, A.; Bachiller-Perea, D.; Olivares, José; Climent-Font, A.; Gómez-Ferrer, B.; Rodríguez, A.; Narros, J.; Maira, A., et al
closedAccess2005Generation of amorphous surface layers in LiNbO3 by ion-beam irradiation: Thresholding and boundary propagationOlivares, José; García, G.; Agulló-López, F.; Agulló Rueda, F.; Kling, Andreas; Soares, J. C.
closedAccess2009Giant enhancement of material damage associated to electronic excitation during ion irradiation: The case of LiNbORivera, A.; Olivares, José; García, G.; Cabrera, J. M.; Agulló Rueda, F.; Agulló-López, F.
closedAccess2009High-resolution refractive index and micro-raman spectroscopy of planar waveguides in KGd(WO4)2 formed by swift heavy ion irradiationMerchant, C. A.; Scrutton, P.; García-Blanco, S.; Hnatovsky, C.; Taylor, R. S.; García Navarro, A.; García, G.; Agulló-López, F.; Olivares, José; Helmy, A. S., et al
closedAccessNov-1994Identification of a novel Rhizobium meliloti nodulation efficiency nfe gene homolog of Agrobacterium ornithine cyclodeaminaseSoto, María José; Zorzano, Adolfo; García-Rodríguez, Fernando; Mercado-Blanco, Jesús; López-Lara, Isabel M.; Olivares, José; Toro, Nicolás
closedAccess2008Ion-beam damage and non-radiative exciton decay in LiNbO3Rivera, A.; Méndez, A.; García, G.; Olivares, José; Cabrera, J.M.; Agulló-López, F.