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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2012Controlled positioning of nanoparticles on graphene by noninvasive AFM lithographyBellido, E.; Ojea-Jiménez, Isaac; Ghirri, Alberto; Alvino, Christian; Candini, Andrea; Puntes, Victor F.; Domingo, Neus; Ruiz Molina, Daniel
closedAccess2013Engineered Inorganic Nanoparticles for Drug Delivery ApplicationsOjea-Jiménez, Isaac; Comenge, Joan; García-Fernández, Lorena; Megson, Zoë A.; Casals, Eudald; Puntes, Victor F.
closedAccess2010Exploring the Limitations of the Use of Competing Reducers to Control the Morphology and Composition of Pt and PtCo NanocrystalsLim, Stephanie I.; Varón, Miriam; Ojea-Jiménez, Isaac; Arbiol, J.; Puntes, Victor F.
openAccess2011Pt nanocrystal evolution in the presence of Au(III)-salts at room temperature: spontaneous formation of AuPt heterodimersLim, Stephanie I.; Varón, Miriam; Ojea-Jiménez, Isaac; Arbiol, J.; Puntes, Victor F.
closedAccess2010Small Gold Nanoparticles Synthesized with Sodium Citrate and Heavy Water: Insights into the Reaction MechanismOjea-Jiménez, Isaac; Romero, Francisco M.; Bastús, Neus G.; Puntes, Victor F.
closedAccess2012Structuration and integration of magnetic nanoparticles on surfaces and devicesBellido, E.; Domingo, Neus; Ojea-Jiménez, Isaac; Ruiz Molina, Daniel
closedAccess2010Synthesis of Platinum Cubes, Polypods, Cuboctahedrons, and Raspberries Assisted by Cobalt NanocrystalsLim, Stephanie I.; Ojea-Jiménez, Isaac; Varón, Miriam; Casals, Eudald; Arbiol, J.; Puntes, Victor F.