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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2004A four-electron πT-alkyne complex as precursor for allenylidene derivatives: Preparation, structure, and reactivity of [Os(η5- C5H5)(C=C=CPh2)L(PiPr 3)]PF6 (L = CO, PHPh2)Asensio, Adriana; Buil, María L.; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2014A stepwise strategy to form tris(bidentate)-Osmium(II) complexes enclosing three different bidentate ligandsBolaño, Tamara; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Oñate, Enrique; Palacios, Adrián; Tsai, Jui-Yi; Xia, Sean
closedAccess2005A useful access to the chemistry of the indenyl-osmium- triisopropylphosphine moietyEsteruelas, Miguel A.; López, Ana M.; Oñate, Enrique; Royo, Eva
closedAccess1997Addition of carbon nucleophiles to the allenylidene ligand of [Ru(η5-C5H5)(CCCPh2)(CO)(PiPr3)]BF4:  synthesis of new organic ligands by formal C−C coupling between mutually inert fragmentsEsteruelas, Miguel A.; Gómez, Angel V.; López, Ana M.; Modrego, Francisco J.; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess1994Addition of CH3CO2H and HBF4 to alkynyl complexes of ruthenium(II) and osmium(II)Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Lahoz, Fernando J.; López, Ana M.; Oñate, Enrique; Oro, Luis A.
closedAccess1995Addition of H2SiPh2 to Ir(acac)(.eta.2-CH3O2C-C.tplbond.C-CO2CH3)(PR3): Synthesis and Characterization of [cyclic] Ir(acac){C[CH(OCH3)OSiPh2]:CHCO2CH3}(PR3) (R = CHMe2, cyclohexyl)Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Lahoz, Fernando J.; Oñate, Enrique; Oro, Luis A.
embargoedAccess2015Ammonia-Borane dehydrogenation promoted by an osmium dihydride complex: Kinetics and mechanismEsteruelas, Miguel A.; López, Ana M.; Mora, Malka; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2003An Osmium-Carbene complex with fischer−schrock ambivalent behaviorEsteruelas, Miguel A.; González, Ana I.; López, Ana M.; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2011Analysis of the aromaticity of osmabicycles analogous to the benzimidazolium cationBaya, Miguel; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2012Anti-Markovnikov 1,3-CH addition of allenes to allenes: A straightforward method to prepare osmium-dienylcarbene complexesCastro-Rodrigo, Ruth; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; López, Ana M.; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2008Aromatic C−H Bond Activation of 2-Methylpyridine Promoted by an Osmium(VI) Complex: Formation of an η2(N,C)-Pyridyl DerivativeEsteruelas, Miguel A.; Forcén-Vázquez, E.; Oliván, Montserrat; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2008Aromatic diosmatricyclic nitrogen-containing compoundsEsteruelas, Miguel A.; Masamunt, Ana B.; Oliván, Montserrat; Oñate, Enrique; Valencia, Marta
closedAccessMar-2006Assembly of an allenylidene ligand, a terminal alkyne, and an acetonitrile molecule: Formation of osmacyclopentapyrrole derivativesBolaño, Tamara; Castarlenas, Ricardo; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Oñate, Enrique
openAccess2015Azole assisted C-H bond activation promoted by an osmium-polyhydride: Discerning between N and NHEguillor, Beatriz; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; Fernández, Israel; Gómez-Gallego, Mar; Lledós, Agustí; Martín-Ortíz, Mamen; Oliván, Montserrat; Oñate, Enrique; Sierra, Miguel A.
closedAccess2013B-H activation and H-H formation: two consecutive heterolytic processes on an osmium-hydrogensulfide bondEsteruelas, Miguel A.; López, Ana M.; Mora, Malka; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2009Behavior of OsH2Cl2(PiPr3) 2 in acetonitrile: The importance of the small detailsEsteruelas, Miguel A.; Fuertes, Sara; Oliván, Montserrat; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2010Borinium Cations as σ-B−H Ligands in Osmium ComplexesEsteruelas, Miguel A.; Fernández-Alvarez, Francisco J.; López, Ana M.; Mora, Malka; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2014Boron functionalization of hydridotris(pyrazolyl)borate ligand on osmium complexesBajo, Sonia; Esteruelas, Miguel A.; López, Ana M.; Oñate, Enrique
embargoedAccess18-Feb-2015Boryl-dihydrideborate osmium complexes: Preparation, structure, and dynamic behavior in solutionEsteruelas, Miguel A.; López, Ana M.; Mora, Malka; Oñate, Enrique
closedAccess2005C-H Activations at Iridium(I) Square-Planar Complexes Promoted by a Fifth LigandMartín, Marta; Torres, Olga; Oñate, Enrique; Sola, Eduardo; Oro, Luis A.