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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1998A neurite outgrowth-inhibitory proteoglycan expressed during development is similar to that isolated from adult brain after isomorphic injuryFernaud-Espinosa, I.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Bovolenta, Paola
closedAccess1994Active microglia, sick astroglia and Alzheimer type dementiasNieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Mora, F.
closedAccess2013Agar-based bridges as biocompatible candidates to provide guide cues in spinal cord injury repairMartín-López, E.; Darder, Margarita; Ruiz-Hitzky, Eduardo; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess2010Aggravated experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis in IL-15 knockout miceGomez-Nicola, D.; Spagnolo, A.; Guaza, Carmen; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess2010Blockade of IL-15 activity inhibits microglial activation through the NFκB, p38, and ERK1/2 pathways, reducing cytokine and chemokine releaseGomez-Nicola, D.; Valle-Argos, B.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess1998Brain Ac39/physophilin: Cloning, coexpression and colocalization with synaptophysinCarrión-Vázquez, Mariano Sixto; Fernández, A. M.; Chowen, J.A.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess2012Cannabinoid agonist WIN 55,212-2 prevents the development of paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy in rats. Possible involvement of spinal glial cellsBurgos, E.; Gómez-Nicola, D.; Pascual, D.; Martín, M. I.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Goicoechea, Carlos
closedAccess2010CCR7 is expressed in astrocytes and upregulated after an inflammatory injuryGomez-Nicola, D.; Pallas-Bazarra, N.; Valle-Argos, B.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess2003Central Nervous System Lesions That Can and Those That Cannot Be Repaired with the Help of Olfactory Bulb Ensheathing Cell TransplantsNieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess2003Central neural tumor destruction by controlled release of a synthetic glycoside dispersed in a biodegradable polymeric matrixFernández-Mayoralas, Alfonso; De la Figuera, N.; Zurita Castillo, Mercedes; Vaquero, J.; Abraham, G.A.; San Román, J.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess1993Characterization of a neurite outgrowth inhibitor expressed after CNS injuryBovolenta, Paola; Wandosell, F.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess1995Chemical heterogeneity in adult rat cerebellar Purkinje cells as revealed by zebrin I and low-affinity nerve growth factor receptor immunocytochemical expression following injuryMartinez-Murillo, Ricardo; Bentura, M.L.; Fernandez, A.M.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Rodrigo, Jose
closedAccess2012Chitosan, gelatin and poly(L-Lysine) polyelectrolyte-based scaffolds and films for neural tissue engineeringMartín-López, E.; Alonso, F.R.; Nieto-Díaz, M.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess1998Control of glial number: Purification from mammalian brain extracts of an inhibitor of astrocyte divisionAbad-Rodríguez, J.; Vallejo-Cremades, M.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
openAccess3-Apr-2007Cross-species analysis of gene expression in non-model mammals: reproducibility of hybridization on high density oligonucleotide microarraysNieto-Díaz, M.; Pita-Thomas, Wolfgang; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
closedAccess2012Deer antler innervation and regenerationNieto-Díaz, M.; Pita-Thomas, D.W.; Munoz-Galdeano, T.; Martinez-Maza, C.; Navarro-Ruiz, R.; Reigada, D.; Yunta, M.; Caballero-Lopez, M.J.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Martinez-Maza, R.
openAccessJun-2004Degeneration of primary afferent terminals following brachial plexus extensive avulsion injury in ratsMuñetón-Gómez, Vilma; Taylor, J.S.; Averill, Sharon; Priestley, John V.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel
openAccess29-Sep-2011Derivados azufrados de N-acetilhexosaminas y su uso como inhibidores de la división de células tumoralesFernández-Mayoralas, Alfonso; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Casas Brugulat, Josefina; García Álvarez, Isabel; Romero-Ramírez, Lorenzo
openAccess2009Detection of metabolite changes in C6 glioma cells cultured with antimitotic oleyl glycoside by1H MAS NMRGarcía-Álvarez, I.; Garrido, L.; Doncel-Pérez, Ernesto; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Fernández-Mayoralas, Alfonso
closedAccess1996Developmental distribution of glycosaminoglycans in embryonic rat brain: Relationship to axonal tract formationFernaud-Espinosa, I.; Nieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Bovolenta, Paola