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2008Chemistry of paramagnetic and diamagnetic contrast agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Spectroscopy: pH responsive contrast agentsPérez-Mayoral, Elena; Negri, Viviana; Soler-Padrós, Jordi; Cerdán, Sebastián; Ballesteros, PalomaArtículo
Jan-2011Environmentally sensitive paramagnetic and diamagnetic contrast agents for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopyPacheco-Torres, Jesús; Calle, Daniel; Lizarbe, Blanca; Negri, Viviana; Fayos, Rosa; López-Larrubia, Pilar; Ballesteros, Paloma; Cerdán, SebastiánArtículo
5-Feb-2010Nanotubular paramagnetic probes as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging based on the diffusion tensorNegri, Viviana; Cerpa, Arisbel; López-Larrubia, Pilar; Nieto-Charques, Laura; Cerdán, Sebastián; Ballesteros, PalomaArtículo
9-Aug-2007Synthetic approaches to heterocyclic ligands for Gd-based MRI contrast agentsPérez-Mayoral, Elena; Soler-Padrós, Jordi; Negri, Viviana; Cerdán, Sebastián; Ballesteros, PalomaArtículo
16-Jul-2009Tubular nanostructured materials having anisotropic magnetic properties, method for obtaining same and use thereofCerdán, Sebastián; López-Larrubia, Pilar; Nieto-Charques, Laura; Ballesteros, Paloma; Pérez-Mayoral, Elena; Negri, VivianaPatente

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5