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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2014A multifunctional magnetic material under pressureRodríguez-Velamazán, J. A.; Fabelo, Oscar; Beavers, Christine M.; Natividad, Eva; Evangelisti, Marco; Roubeau, Olivier
openAccess2012A spin crossover ferrous complex with ordered magnetic ferric anionsRoubeau, Olivier; Evangelisti, Marco; Natividad, Eva
closedAccess2013Accuracy of available methods for quantifying the heat power generation of nanoparticles for magnetic hyperthermiaAndreu, Irene; Natividad, Eva
openAccess5-Mar-2008Accurate measurement of the specific absorption rate using a suitable adiabatic magnetothermal setupNatividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel; Mediano, Arturo
openAccessJun-2011Adiabatic magnetothermia makes possible the study of the temperature dependence of the heat dissipated by magnetic nanoparticles under alternating magnetic fieldsNatividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel; Mediano, Arturo
openAccess2004Approximation to the laser floating zone preparation of high temperature BSCCO superconductors by DSCMayoral Gastón, María del Carmen; Andrés Gimeno, José Manuel; Bona, M. T.; Angurel, Luis A.; Natividad, Eva
openAccess26-Feb-2010Equipo adiabático para medida del coeficiente de absorción específico de un material sometido a un campo magnético alterno y método para realizar dicha medidaMediano, Arturo; Natividad, Eva; Palacio, Fernando; Castro, Miguel
closedAccess2014Heating ability of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles showing dynamic and interaction effectsAndreu, Irene; Natividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel
openAccessOct-2010Influence of dipolar interactions on hyperthermia properties of ferromagnetic particlesSerantes, D.; Natividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel; Mediano, Arturo; Balcells Argemi, Lluis
closedAccess2011Modifying the heat transfer and capillary pressure of loop heat pipe wicks with carbon nanotubesTerrado, E.; Molina Mansilla, Ricardo; Natividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel; Erra Serrabasa, Pilar; Martinez, M. Teresa
closedAccess2012New insights into the heating mechanisms and self-regulating abilities of manganite perovskite nanoparticles suitable for magnetic fluid hyperthermiaNatividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel; Andreu, Irene; Mediano, Arturo
closedAccess2010Specific absorption rates and magnetic properties of ferrofluids with interaction effects at low concentrationsUrtizberea, A.; Natividad, Eva; Arizaga, Ana; Castro, Miguel; Mediano, Arturo
closedAccessMay-2006Thermal conductance measurements of superconducting bi-2212 rods and a bi-2212-based current leadmoduleNatividad, Eva; Castro, Miguel; Burriel, Ramón; Angurel, Luis A.
openAccess2011Thermoinduced magnetic moment in akaganéite nanoparticlesUrtizberea, A.; Luis, Fernando; Millán, Ángel; Natividad, Eva; Palacio, Fernando; Kampert, E.; Zeitler, U.