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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
19-Jul-2012Compounds for treating neurodegenerative disordersMellström, Britt; Villar, Diego; Dierssen, M.; Naranjo, José RamónSolicitud de patente
Jun-2009The DREAM Protein Is Associated with Thyroid Enlargement and Nodular DevelopmentRivas, Marcos; Mellström, Britt; Torres, Begoña; Cali, Gaetano; Ferrara, Alfonso M.; Terracciano, Daniela; Zannini, Mariastella; Morreale de Escobar, Gabriella; Naranjo, José RamónArtículo
1996Experimental brain glioma: Growth arrest and destruction by a blood-group-related tetrasaccharideNieto-Sampedro, Manuel; Bailón, Concha; Fernández-Mayoralas, Alfonso; Martín-Lomas, M.; Mellstrom, B.; Naranjo, José RamónArtículo; Artículo
1990Expression of the prodynorphin gene in the developing and adult cerebral cortex of the rat: An in situ hybridization studyAlvarez-Bolado, G.; Fairen, Alfonso; Douglass, J.; Naranjo, José RamónArtículo; Artículo
15-Dec-1993Functional kainate-selective glutamate receptors in cultured hippocampal neuronsLerma Gómez, Juan; Paternain, Ana V.; Naranjo, José Ramón; Mellstrom, B.Artículo
15-Jan-1996Functional N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors in clonal rat phaeochromocytoma cellsCasado, Mariano; López-Guajardo, Ana; Mellstrom, B.; Naranjo, José Ramón; Lerma Gómez, JuanArtículo
1993Molecular mechanisms of pain: Serotonin(1A) receptor agonists trigger transactivation by c-fos of the prodynorphin gene in spinal cord neuronsLucas, J.J.; Mellstrom, B.; Colado, M.I.; Naranjo, José RamónArtículo; Artículo
1991Molecular pathways of pain: Fos/Jun-mediated activation of a noncanonical AP-1 site in the prodynorphin geneNaranjo, José Ramón; Mellstrom, B.; Achaval, M.; Sassone-Corsi, P.; Naranjo, Jose R.Artículo; Artículo
1-Jul-2002New downstream regulatory element antagonist modulator gene and polypeptide that is a transcriptional repressor, for identifying antitumor agentsNaranjo, José Ramón; Mellström, Britt; Dompablo García, Isidro; Alexander Link, Wolfang; Carrión Rodríguez, Ángel Manuel; Ledo Gómez, FranciscoPatente
16-Nov-2001Polipéptido DREAM, nueva proteína reguladora de la expresión génicaNaranjo, José Ramón; Mellstrom, B.; Dompablo García, Isidro; Link, Wolfgang A.; Carrión Rodríguez, Ángel Manuel; Ledo Gómez, FranciscoPatente
31-May-2013Protein-protein interactions: gene acronym redundancies and current limitations precluding fully automated data integrationCasado-Vela, Juan; Matthiesen, Rune; Sellés, Susana; Naranjo, José RamónArtículo
29-Jun-2000The polypetide dream, used as Ca<2+>ions-dependent transcriptional regulator and its gene coding thereforNaranjo, José Ramón; Mellström, Britt; Dompablo García, Isidro; Link, Wolfgang A.; Carrión Rodríguez, Ángel Manuel; Ledo Gómez, FranciscoPatente
2005The repressor DREAM acts as a transcriptional activator on Vitamin D and retinoic acid response elementsScsucova, Sona; Palacios, Daniela; Savignac, Magali; Mellström, Britt; Naranjo, José Ramón; Aranda, AnaArtículo
1991Uncoupled changes in the expression of the jun family members during myeloid cell differentiationMollinedo, Faustino; Naranjo, José RamónArtículo
25-Jun-1990Unusual c-fos induction upon chromaffin PC12 differentiation by sodium butyrate: loss of fos autoregulatory functionNaranjo, José Ramón; Mellstrom, B.; Auwerx, Johan; Mollinedo, Faustino; Sassone-Corsi, PaoloArtículo

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