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closedAccess2-Sep-2014Cumulative impact of fishing on maërl speciesMallol, Sandra; Barberá, Carmen; Vergés, A.; Díaz, David ; Muñoz, Anabel; Oliver, L.; Goñi, Raquelcomunicación de congreso
closedAccessApr-2019Exploring the genetic diversity and the population structure of the mesophotic Paramuricea macrospina in the Menorca ChannelPaletta, Maria Grazia; Grinyó, Jordi ; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Díaz, David ; Muñoz, Anabel; Garrabou, Joaquim  ; Abbiati, M.; Ledoux, J. B. ; Costantini, Federicaartículo
closedAccessSep-2015New practices to improve the conservation status of the benthic communities in small-scale fisheriesDíaz, David ; Muñoz, Anabel; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Grinyó, Jordi ; Ambroso, Stefano ; Oliver, L.; Mallol, Sandra; Gutiérrez, Víctor; Goñi, Raquel; Gili, Josep Maria  comunicación de congreso
openAccessGrinyo_et_al_2018.pdf.jpgSep-2018Reproduction, energy storage and metabolic requirements in a mesophotic population of the gorgonian Paramuricea macrospinaGrinyó, Jordi ; Viladrich, Nuria ; Díaz, David ; Muñoz, Anabel; Mallol, Sandra; Salazar, Janire ; Castillo, Raquel; Gili, Josep Maria  ; Gori, Andrea artículo
closedAccessSep-2015Towards Ecosystem Conservation and sustainable artisanal fisheries in the Mediterranean basinDíaz, David ; Ambroso, Stefano ; Dominguez-Carrió, Carlos ; Grinyó, Jordi ; Muñoz, Anabel; Santín, Andreu ; Gili, Josep Maria  comunicación de congreso