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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
15-Jan-1998A 27 kDa protein binds to a positive and a negative regulatory sequence in the promoter of the ICL1 gene from Saccharomyces cerevisiaeOrdiz, Isabel; Herrero, Pilar; Rodicio, Rosaura; Gancedo, Juana M.; Moreno, FernandoArtículo
2011(596) Scheila in outburst: a probable collision event in the main asteroid beltMoreno, Fernando; Licandro, J.; Ortiz, J. L.; Lara, Luisa María; Alí-Lagoa, V.; Vaduvescu, O.; Morales, N.; Molina, A.; Lin, Zhong-YiPre-print
Nov-2010Extended discrete dipole approximation and its application to bianisotropic mediaAlcaraz de la Osa, R.; Albella, Pablo; Saiz, Jose María; González, Francisco; Moreno, FernandoArtículo
2013Low-loss electric and magnetic field-enhanced spectroscopy with subwavelength silicon dimersAlbella, Pablo; Ameen Poyli, M.; Schmidt, Mikolaj K.; Maier, Stefan A.; Moreno, Fernando; Sáenz, J. J.; Aizpurua, JavierArtículo
2012Magnetic and electric coherence in forward-and back-scattered electromagnetic waves by a single dielectric subwavelength sphereGarcía-Cámara, Braulio; Gómez-Medina, Raquel; Albella, Pablo; Froufe-Pérez, Luis S.; Nieto Vesperinas, Manuel; Sáenz, J. J.; Moreno, FernandoArtículo
2011Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence and spectral modification in SHINEFAroca, Ricardo F.; Albella, Pablo; Moreno, FernandoArtículo
2011Shape matters: Plasmonic nanoparticle shape enhances interaction with dielectric substrateAlbella, Pablo; Garcia-Cueto, Borja; González, Francisco; Moreno, FernandoArtículo
Sep-2011Surface monitoring based on lights cattering by metal nanosensorsAlbella, Pablo; Saiz, Jose María; González, Francisco; Moreno, FernandoArtículo

Showing results 1 to 8 of 8