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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012A dp53/JNK-dependant feedback amplification loop is essential for the apoptotic response to stress in DrosophilaShlevkov, Evgeny ; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessMorataG_ARefutationtoANew A-P.pdf.jpg7-May-2019A refutation to ‘A new A-P compartment boundary and organizer in holometabolous insect wings’Lawrence, Peter A.; Casal, José; Celis, José F. de ; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessGMorata_PNAS_2010.pdf.jpg2-Aug-2010A tumor-suppressing mechanism in Drosophila involving cell competition and the Hippo pathwayMenéndez, Javier ; Pérez-Garijo, Ainhoa ; Calleja, Manuel ; Morata, Ginés artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg9-Jul-1998Antagonism between extradenticle function and Hedgehog signalling in the developing limbGonzález-Crespo, Sergio  ; Abu-Shaar, Muna; Torres, Miguel; Martínez, Carlos; Mann, Richard S.; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessMorataG_ApoptosisinDrosophila.pdf.jpg8-May-2008Apoptosis in Drosophila: Compensatory proliferation and undead cellsMartín, Francisco A.; Pérez-Garijo, Ainhoa ; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessMorataG_AutocatalysisAndPanotypic.pdf.jpg1992Autocatalysis and phenotypic expression of Drosophila homeotic gene Deformed: Its dependence on polarity and homeotic gene functionGonzález-Reyes, Acaimo ; Macías, Ana; Morata, Ginés libro
closedAccessEmbargo.pdf.jpg1973Behaviour in Aggregates of Irradiated Imaginal Disk Cells of DrosophilaMorata, Ginés ; García-Bellido, Antonio artículo
openAccessMorataG_CalderonEncodesAnOrganic.pdf.jpg6-May-2006Calderón encodes an organic cation transporter of the major facilitator superfamily required for cell growth and proliferation of Drosophila tissuesHerranz, Héctor; Morata, Ginés ; Milán, Marco artículo
openAccessMorataG_CaspaseInhibition.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2004Caspase inhibition during apoptosis causes abnormal signalling and developmental aberrations in DrosophilaPérez-Garijo, Ainhoa ; Martín, Francisco A.; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessMorataG_Cbx1AndTheSpatial.pdf.jpg1985Cbx1 and the spatial expression of the bithorax complex genes of DrosophilaCasanova, Jordi  ; Sánchez-Herrero, Ernesto  ; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccess27-Jun-2019Cell competition and tumorigenesis in the imaginal discs of DrosophilaMorata, Ginés ; Calleja, Manuel artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2013Cell competition may function either as tumour-suppressing or as tumour-stimulating factor in DrosophilaBallesteros-Arias, Luna ; Morata, Ginés ; Saavedra, Verónica artículo
openAccessMorata G Cell competition.pdf.jpg2015Cell competition, apoptosis and tumour developmentMorata, Ginés ; Ballesteros-Arias, Luna artículo
openAccessMorataG_CellCompetitionGrowth.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2009Cell competition, growth and size control in the Drosophila wing imaginal discMartín, Francisco A.; Herrera, Salvador C. ; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessMorataG_ComportamentsAndTheControl.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2006Compartments and the control of growth in the Drosophila wing imaginal discMartín, Francisco A.; Morata, Ginés artículo
closedAccessEmbargo.pdf.jpg1979Compartments in Animal DevelopmentGarcía-Bellido, Antonio ; Lawrence, Peter A.; Morata, Ginés artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2012Compensatory proliferation and apoptosis-induced proliferation: a need for clarificationMollereau, B.; Pérez-Garijo, Ainhoa ; Bergmann, A.; Miura, M; Gerlitz, O.; Ryoo, H. D.; Steller, Hermann; Morata, Ginés artículo
openAccessMorataG_ControlOfDrosophila.pdf.jpg1995Control of Drosophila adult pattern by extradenticleGonzález-Crespo, Sergio  ; Morata, Ginés artículo
closedAccessEmbargo.pdf.jpg1976Developmental analysis of some mutants of the bithorax system of DrosophilaMorata, Ginés ; García-Bellido, Antonio artículo
closedAccessEmbargo.pdf.jpg24-Oct-1973Developmental Compartmentalisation of the Wing Disk of DrosophilaGarcía-Bellido, Antonio ; Ripoll, Pedro ; Morata, Ginés artículo