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openAccess2010Are island plant communities more invaded than their mainland counterparts?Vilà, Montserrat ; Pino, Joan; Montero-Castaño, Ana ; Font, XavierArtículo
openAccessVilá.pdf.jpg2015Direct and Indirect Influence of Non-Native Neighbours on Pollination and Fruit Production of a Native PlantMontero-Castaño, Ana ; Vilà, Montserrat Artículo
openAccess2012Impact of landscape alteration and invasions on pollinators: A meta-analysisMontero-Castaño, Ana ; Vilà, Montserrat Artículo
openAccessMontero-CastanoVila2016_AgricultureEcosystemsEnvironment.pdf.jpg2016Mass flowering crops in a patchy agricultural landscape can reduce bee abundance in adjacent shrublandsMontero-Castaño, Ana ; Ortíz-Sánchez, Javier; Vilà, Montserrat Artículo
openAccess2014Pollination ecology of a plant in its native and introduction areasMontero-Castaño, Ana ; Vilà, Montserrat ; Ortíz-Sánchez, JavierArtículo
Carvalheiro_etal_2014.pdf.jpg2014The potential for indirect effects between co-flowering plants via shared pollinators depends on resource abundance, accessibility and relatednessCarvalheiro, Luisa G.; Biesmeijer, Jacobus C.; Gita, Benadi; Fründ, Jochen; Stand, Martina; Bartomeus, Ignasi; Kaiser-Bunbury, Christopher N.; Baude, Mathilde; Gomes, Sofia I.F.; Merckx, Vincent; Baldock, Catherine C.R.; Bennett, Andrew T.D.; Boada, Ruth; Bommarco, Riccardo; Cartar, Ralph; Chacoff, Natacha; Dänhardt, Juliana; Dicks, Lynn W.; Dormann, Carsten F.; Ekroos, Johan; Henson, Kate S.E.; Holzschuh, Andrea; Junker, Robert R.; Lopezaraiza-Mikel, Martha; Memmott, Jane; Montero-Castaño, Ana ; Nelson, Isabel L.; Petanidou, Theodora; Power, Eileen F.; Smith, Henrick G.; Stout, Jane C.; Temitope, Keinde; Tscharntke, Teja; Tscheulin, Thomas; Vilà, Montserrat ; Kunin, William E.Artículo