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openAccessJan-2011An alternative pathway for ureide usage in legumes: enzymatic formation of a ureidoglycolate adduct in Cicer arietinum and Phaseolus vulgarisMuñoz, Alfonso; Bannenberg, Gerard L.; Montero, OlimpioArtículo
closedAccess25-Feb-2004Blue light effect on growth, light absorption characteristics and photosynthesis of five benthic diatom strainsMercado, Jesús M.; Sánchez-Saavedra, María Pilar; Correa-Reyes, Gabriel; Lubián, Luis M. ; Montero, Olimpio; Figueroa, Félix L.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2008Calcium-independent phospholipase A2-mediated formation of 1,2-diarachidonoyl-glycerophosphoinositol in monocytesBalgoma, David ; Montero, Olimpio; Balboa, María A. ; Balsinde, Jesús Artículo
openAccessmembrane_lipids_Montero.pdf.jpgSep-2012Changes in membrane lipids and carotenoids during light acclimation in a marine cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp.Montero, Olimpio; Sánchez-Guijo, Alberto; Lubián, Luis M. ; Martínez-Rodríguez, Gonzalo Artículo
closedAccess12-May-2011Characterization of two Synechococcus sp. PCC7002-related cyanobacterial strains in relation to 16S rDNA, crtR gene, lipids and pigmentsMontero, Olimpio; Porta, José María; Porta, Javier; Martínez-Rodríguez, Gonzalo ; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo
openAccessm293p029.pdf.jpgJun-2005Effect of UV-A and UV-B on diel patterns of growth and metabolic activity in Nannochloris atomus cultures assessed by flow cytometrySobrino, Cristina; Montero, Olimpio; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo
openAccessLipidomic Approaches.pdf.jpgJun-2010Lipidomic approaches to the study of phospholipase A2-regulated phospholipid fatty acid incorporation and remodelingBalgoma, David ; Montero, Olimpio; Balboa, María A. ; Balsinde, Jesús Artículo
openAccessPreprintLPSsphingosine.pdf.jpg2012Lipopolysaccharide and sphingosine-1-phosphate cooperate to induce inflammatory molecules and leukocyte adhesion in endothelial cellsFernández-Pisonero, I.; Dueñas, Ana I. ; Barreiro, Olga; Montero, Olimpio; Sánchez-Madrid, Francisco; García-Rodríguez, Carmen Artículo
closedAccessApr-2010Markers of Monocyte Activation Revealed by Lipidomic Profiling of Arachidonic Acid-Containing PhospholipidsBalgoma, David ; Astudillo, Alma M. ; Pérez-Chacón, Gema ; Montero, Olimpio; Balboa, María A. ; Balsinde, Jesús Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Molecular characterization of the PR-toxin gene cluster in Penicillium roqueforti and Penicillium chrysogenum: Cross talk of secondary metabolite pathwaysHidalgo, Pedro I.; Montero, Olimpio; Martín, Juan-FranciscoArtículo
closedAccess27-May-2003Mycosporine-like amino acid (MAAs) production by Heterocapasa sp. (Dinophyceae) in indoor culturesMontero, Olimpio; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo
openAccessMontero et al.PDF.jpg2002Photoinhibition and recovery after selective short-term exposure to solar radiation of five chlorophyll c-containing marine microalgaeMontero, Olimpio; Sobrino, Cristina; Parés, Griselda; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo
openAccessGonzalez del Valle et al.pdf.jpg2000Pigment variations induced by the oxygen level of the medium in a marine bacterium alteromonas sp. (strain cect 4800)González del Valle, Manuel; Montero, Olimpio; Moreno-Garrido, Ignacio ; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo
closedAccessDec-1997Relationship between bio-optical characteristics and photoinhibition of phytoplanktonFigueroa, Félix L.; Mercado, Jesús M.; Jiménez, Carlos; Salles, Soluna; Aguilera, José; Sánchez-Saavedra, María Pilar; Leaver, Michael J.; Häder, Donat-Peter; Montero, Olimpio; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo
openAccessSchwann cell-derived.pdf.jpg2014Schwann cell-derived Apolipoprotein D controls the dynamics of post-injury myelin recognition and degradationGarcía-Mateo, Nadia; Ganfornina, M. D. ; Montero, Olimpio; Gijón, Miguel A.; Murphy, Robert C.; Sánchez, DiegoArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Stable ion complexes of vitamin A species (retinol) in solution as detected by mass spectrometrySánchez-Guijo, Alberto; Montero, OlimpioArtículo
closedAccess2004UV-B radiation increases cell permeability and damages nitrogen incorporation mechanisms in Nannochloropsis gaditanaSobrino, Cristina; Montero, Olimpio; Lubián, Luis M. Artículo