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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2014Cumulative frequency-dependent selective episodes allow for rapid morph cycles and rock-paper-scissors dynamics in species with overlapping generationsSan José, Luis M.; Peñalver Alcázar, Miguel; Milá, Borja; González-Jimena, Virginia; Fitze, Patrick S.
openAccess2010Dirección y organización de la exposición permanente >Biodiversidad>Peña, Soraya; De la Riva, Ignacio; Merino, Santiago; Doadrio Villarejo, Ignacio; García-París, Mario; Machordom, Annie; Roldán, Eduardo R. S.; Milá, Borja; Buckley, David; Cánovas, Cristina
closedAccess2013Identification of polymorphic microsatellite loci for the endangered great bustard (Otis tarda) by high-throughput sequencingHorreo, J. L.; Alonso López, Juan C.; Palacín, Carlos; Milá, Borja
closedAccessJan-2010Marked genetic structuring and extreme dispersal limitation in the Pyrenean brook newt Calotriton asper (Amphibia: Salamandridae) revealed by genome-wide AFLP but not mtDNAMilá, Borja; Carranza, Salvador; Guillaume, Olivier; Clobert, Jean
closedAccess2015Morphological and plumage colour variation in the Réunion grey white-eye (Aves: Zosterops borbonicus): Assessing the role of selectionCornuault, Josselin; Delahaie, Boris; Bertrand, Joris A. M.; Bourgeois, Yann X. C.; Milá, Borja; Heeb, Philipp; Thébaud, Christophe
openAccess10-Sep-2013Multilocus phylogeography of the common lizard Zootoca vivipara at the Ibero-Pyrenean suture zone reveals lowland barriers and high-elevation introgressionMilá, Borja; Surget-Groba, Yann; Heulin, Benoît; Gosá, Alberto; Fitze, Patrick S.
openAccess26-May-2010The geographic scale of diversification on islands: genetic and morphological divergence at a very small spatial scale in the Mascarene grey white-eye (Aves: Zosterops borbonicus)Milá, Borja
openAccess22-Apr-2013Variation in candidate genes CLOCK and ADCYAP1 does not consistently predict differences in migratory behavior in the songbird genus JuncoPeterson, Mark P.; Abolins-Abols, M.; Atwell, J. W.; Rice, Rebeca J.; Milá, Borja; Ketterson, E. D.