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closedAccess3-Dec-2012Day-night and internal-tidal activity rhythms in Deep-Sea black cods (Anoplopoma fimbria) and hagfish (Eptatretus sp.) by NEPTUNE video-monitoring at Barkley Canyon (Canada)Doya, C. ; Pardo, M. ; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Matabos, M.; Company, Joan B.  ; Costa, Corrado; Menesatti, Paolo; Mihály, Steven; Canals, Miquel; Ramírez-Llodra, Eva póster de congreso
closedAccessFeb-2014Diel behavioral rhythms in sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) and other benthic species, as recorded by the Deep-sea cabled observatories in Barkley canyon (NEPTUNE-Canada)Doya, C. ; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Pardo, M. ; Matabos, M.; Company, Joan B.  ; Costa, Corrado; Mihály, Steven; Canals, Miquelartículo
closedAccessJul-2013Diel nektobenthic displacements of anoplopoma fimbria within the Barkley Canyon (NEPTUNE Canada)Doya, C. ; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Matabos, M.; Company, Joan B.  ; Costa, Corrado; Mihály, Stevenpóster de congreso
closedAccessFeb-2014High-frequency study of epibenthic megafaunal community dynamics in Barkley Canyon: A multi-disciplinary approach using the NEPTUNE Canada networkMatabos, M.; Bui, Alice O.V.; Mihály, Steven; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Juniper, S. Kim; Ajayamohan, R.S.artículo
openAccessde_Leo_et_al_2018_poster.jpg.jpgNov-2018Nearly a decade of deep-sea monitoring in Barkley Canyon, NE Pacific, using the NEPTUNE cabled observatoryde Leo, Fabio; Mihály, Steven; Morley, Michael; Aguzzi, Jacopo  ; Smith, Craig R.; Puig, Pere  ; Thomsen, L.póster de congreso