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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccessSep-1996Activated calcineurin confers high tolerance to ion stress and alters the budding pattern and cell morphology of yeast cellsMendoza, Imelda; Quintero, Francisco J.; Bressan, Ray A.; Hasegawa, Paul M.; Pardo, José M.
openAccessJan-2011Activation of the plasma membrane Na/H antiporter salt-overly-sensitive 1 (SOS1) by phosphorylation of an auto-inhibitory C-terminal domainQuintero, Francisco J.; Martínez-Atienza, Juliana; Villalta, Irene; Mendoza, Imelda; Pardo, José M.
closedAccessFeb-2007Conservation of the salt overly sensitive pathway in riceMartínez-Atienza, Juliana; Jiang, Xingyu; Garciadeblas, Blanca; Mendoza, Imelda; Zhu, Jian-Kang; Pardo, José M.; Quintero, Francisco J.
openAccess2009Phosphorylation of SOS3-like calcium bindingprotein8 by SOS2 protein kinase stabilizes their protein complex and regulates salt tolerance in arabidopsisLin, Huixin; Guo, Yan; Mendoza, Imelda; Pardo, José M.
closedAccess21-Sep-2001Regulación de la homeostasis de sodio y potasio por la proteína fosfatasa calcineurinaPardo, José M.; Mendoza, Imelda
closedAccess2000Regulation of ion homeostasis in plants and fungiPardo, José M.; Mendoza, Imelda; Quintero, Francisco J.
openAccessApr-2007SCABP8/CBL10, a putative calcium sensor, interacts with the protein kinase SOS2 to protect Arabidopsis shoots from salt stressQuan, Ruidang; Guo, Yan; Mendoza, Imelda; Pardo, José M.
closedAccessMar-1994The protein phosphatase calcineurin is essential for NaCl tolerance of saccharomyces cerevisiae.Mendoza, Imelda; Rubio Muñoz, Francisco; Rodríguez Navarro, Alonso; Pardo, José M.
closedAccessOct-2003The STT3a subunit isoform of the arabidopsis oligosaccharyltransferase controls adaptive responses to salt/osmotic stress.Koiwa, Ray A.; Hasegawa, Paul M.; Mendoza, Imelda; Pardo, José M.