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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Short lead(ii) soaps: From weakly fluorescent crystals to strongly phosphorescent and structurally varied vitreous phases. A thermal, structural and spectroscopic studyMartínez-Casado, Francisco J.; Ramos-Riesco, Miguel; Rodríguez-Cheda, Jose A.; Cucinotta, Fabio; Fernández-Martínez, Alejandro; Garrido, Leoncio; Matesanz, Emilio; Marchese, LeonardoArtículo
1992Structural and conformational study of some N′-p-halobenzoyl derivatives of the 3β-amino-3α-methoxycarbonyl(or cyano)-N8-substituted nortropanesBurgos, C.; Gálvez, E.; Matesanz, Emilio; Martínez-Ripoll, Martín; Bellanato, JuanaArtículo
1993Synthesis and structural, conformational and pharmacological study of some esters derived from 3-β-hydroxytropan-3-α-carboxylic acidBurgos, C.; Matesanz, Emilio; Martínez-Ripoll, Martín; Sanz-Aparicio, J.; Fonseca, I.; Bellanato, Juana; López-Ruiz, P.Artículo
2008Thermal X-ray Diffraction Study of Chaorite from RussiaMatesanz, Emilio; García Guinea, Javier; Crespo Feo, Elena; López-Arce, Paula; Valle Fuentes, Francisco José; Correcher, VirgilioArtículo

Showing results 1 to 4 of 4