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openAccess1471-2229-11-153.pdf.jpg8-Nov-2011A 48 SNP set for grapevine cultivar identificationCabezas, José Antonio; Ibáñez Marcos, Javier  ; Lijavetzky, Diego; Vélez, M. Dolores; Bravo, Gema; Rodríguez, Virginia; Carreño, Iván; Jermakow, Angelica M.; Carreño, Juan; Ruiz-García, Leonor; Thomas, Mark R.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
openAccessPlant Cell Physiol-2001-Palmer-404-13.pdf.jpg2001A Brassica oleracea Gene Expressed in a Variety-Specific Manner May Encode a Novel Plant Transmembrane ReceptorPalmer, J. E.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Cruz-Álvarez, MarilynArtículo
closedAccess2000A freezing-sensitive mutant of Arabidopsis , frs1 , is a new aba3 alleleLlorente, Francisco; Oliveros, Juan C.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Salinas, Julio Artículo
closedAccessFeb-2007A genetic analysis of seed and berry weight in grapevineCabezas, José Antonio; Cervera, María Teresa; Ruiz-García, Leonor; Carreño, J.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccess1985A genetic classification of potato cultivars based on allozyme patternsOliver, José L.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccess1986A highly repeated DNA sequence in Arabidopsis thalianaMartínez-Zapater, José M. ; Estelle, Mark A.; Somerville, Chris R.Artículo
closedAccessOct-2002A novel cold-inducible gene from Arabidopsis, RCI3, encodes a peroxidase that constitutes a component for stress toleranceLlorente, Francisco; López-Cobollo, Rosa María; Catalá, Rafael ; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Salinas, Julio Artículo
closedAccess2001AFLP evaluation of genetic similarity among laurel populations (Laurus L.)Arroyo-García, Rosa; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Fernández-Prieto, J. A.; Álvarez-Arbesú, R.Artículo
closedAccess1984Allozyme variability and phylogenetic relationships in the cultivated potato (Solanum tuberosum) and related speciesOliver, José L.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
openAccessMendezVigo_PlantPhysiol_2011.pdf.jpgDec-2011Altitudinal and Climatic Adaptation Is Mediated by Flowering Traits and FRI, FLC, and PHYC Genes in ArabidopsisMéndez-Vigo, Belén; Picó, F. Xavier ; Ramiro, Mercedes; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Alonso, Carlos Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2002Analysis of DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana based on methylation-sensitive AFLP markersCervera, María Teresa; Ruiz-García, Leonor; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg2001Ancient asymmetries in the evolution of flowersCubas Domínguez, Pilar; Coen, Enrico; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccess1989AP2 gene determines the identity of perianth organs in flowers of Arabidopsis thalianaKunst, L.; Klenz, J. E.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Haughn, W.Artículo
closedAccessrestringido.pdf.jpg1998Application of AFLPs to the characterization of grapevine Vitis vinifera L. genetic resources. A case study with accessions from Rioja (Spain)Cervera, María Teresa; Cabezas, José Antonio; Sancha, J. C.; Martínez de Toda, F. ; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccessApr-1995Arabidopsis late-flowering fve mutants are affected in both vegetative and reproductive developmentMartínez-Zapater, José M. ; Jarillo, José Antonio; Cruz-Álvarez, Marilyn; Roldán, Marta; Salinas, Julio Artículo
closedAccessFeb-2002AtREM1, a Member of a New Family of B3 Domain-Containing Genes, Is Preferentially Expressed in Reproductive MeristemsFranco-Zorrilla, José Manuel; Cubas Domínguez, Pilar; Jarillo, José Antonio; Fernández-Calvín, Begoña; Salinas, Julio ; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccess1982B-chromosomes and E-1 isozyme activity in mosaic bulbs of Scilla automnalis (Liliaceae).Oliver, José L.; Posse, F.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. ; Enriquez, A. M.; Ruiz-Rejón, M.Artículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0039547 (1).pdf.jpg9-Jun-2012Berry Flesh and Skin Ripening Features in Vitis vinifera as Assessed by Transcriptional ProfilingLijavetzky, Diego; Carbonell-Bejerano, Pablo ; Grimplet, Jérôme ; Bravo, Gema; Flores, Pilar; Fenoll, José; Hellín, Pilar; Oliveros, Juan C.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
closedAccessMar-2000Characterisation of Iberian pig genotypes using AFLP markersÓvilo, C.; Cervera, M. T.; Castellanos, J. M.; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo
openAccesse046264.pdf.jpg2000Characterization of genetic variation within table grape varieties (Vitis vinifera L.) based on AFLP markersCervera, María Teresa; Cabezas, José Antonio; Sanchez-Escribano, E.; Cenis, José Luis; Martínez-Zapater, José M. Artículo