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openAccess2340845_T3.pdf.jpg10-Jun-2010Aceite de girasol, semillas y plantas con distribución modificada de ácidos grasos en la molécula de triacil-glicerolGarcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriquePatente
openAccess2222908_T3.pdf.jpg16-Feb-2005Aceite de semillas con una composición de ácidos grasos modificadaFernández Martínez, José María; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Pérez-Vich, BegoñaPatente
openAccessPostprint_Phytochemistry_2014_7.pdf.jpg2014Acyl-ACP thioesterases from Camelina sativa: Cloning, enzymatic characterization and implication in seed oil fatty acid composition.Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Manuel Fernando; Salas, Joaquín J.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessJun-2010Acyl-ACP thioesterases from castor (Ricinus communis L.): An enzymatic system appropriate for high rates of oil synthesis and accumulationSánchez-García, Alicia; Moreno-Pérez, Antonio J.; Muro-Pastor, Alicia M.; Salas, Joaquín J.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessJan-2011Acyl-ACP thioesterases from macadamia (Macadamia tetraphylla) nuts: Cloning, characterization and their impact on oil compositionMoreno-Pérez, Antonio J.; Sánchez-García, Alicia; Salas, Joaquín J.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessMar-2012Alternatives to tropical fats based on high-stearic sunflower oilsGarcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Salas, Joaquín J.; Bootello García, Miguel ÁngelArtículo
openAccessPostprint_Progress_Lipid_Res_2014_30.pdf.jpg2014Biochemistry of high stearic sunflower, a new source of saturated fatsSalas, Joaquín J.; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Harwood, John L.; Venegas-Calerón, Mónica; Aznar-Moreno, José A.; Moreno-Pérez, Antonio J.; Ruiz-López, Noemí; Serrano-Vega, María J.; Graham, Ian A.; Mullen, Robert; Garcés Mancheño, RafaelArtículo
closedAccess8-Jan-2009cDNA cloning, expression levels and gene mapping of photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic ferredoxin genes in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)Venegas-Calerón, Mónica; Zambelli, Andrés Daniel; Ruiz-López, Noemí; Youssar, Loubna; León, Alberto Javier; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessFeb-2010Characterization and partial purification of acyl-CoA:glycerol 3-phosphate acyltransferase from sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) developing seedsRuiz-López, Noemí; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Harwood, John L.; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessJun-2009Characterization of glycolytic initial metabolites and enzyme activities in developing sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) seedsTroncoso-Ponce, M. Adrián; Kruger, Nicholas J.; Ratcliffe, George; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
embargoedAccessPostprint_JPlantPhysiol_2015_v178_p35.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2015Characterization of soluble acyl-ACP desaturases from Camelina sativa, Macadamia tetraphylla and Dolichandra unguis-catiRodríguez Rodríguez, Manuel Fernando; Sánchez-García, Alicia; Salas, Joaquín J.; Garcés, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccess14-Dec-2011Characterization of sphingolipids from sunflower seeds with altered fatty acid compositionSalas, Joaquín J.; Markham, Jonathan E.; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Garcés Mancheño, RafaelArtículo
closedAccessSep-2010Cloning, biochemical characterisation, tissue localisation and possible post-translational regulatory mechanism of the cytosolic phosphoglucose isomerase from developing sunflower seedsTroncoso-Ponce, M. Adrián; Rivoal, Jean; Cejudo, Francisco Javier; Dorion, S.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccess1-Mar-2011Cloning, biochemical characterization and expression of a sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) hexokinase associated with seed storage compounds accumulationTroncoso-Ponce, M. Adrián; Rivoal, Jean; Dorion, S.; Moisan, Marie Claude; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
embargoedAccessPostprint_Phytochemistry_2015_V111_P27.pdf.jpg2015Cloning, heterologous expression and biochemical characterization of plastidial sn-glycerol-3-phosphate acyltransferase from Helianthus annuusPayá-Milans, Miriam; Venegas-Calderón, Mónica; Salas, Joaquín J.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2014Composition of fatty acids, triacylglycerols and polar compounds of different walnut varieties (Juglans regia L.) from Tunisia.Bouabdallah, I; Bouali, I.; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Albouchi, A.; Pérez Camino, María del Carmen; Boukhchina, S.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Content of carotenoids, tocopherols, sterols, triterpenic and aliphatic alcohols, and volatile compounds in six walnuts (Juglans regia L.) varietiesAbdallah, I. B.; Tlili, N.; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Pérez Rubio, Ana Gracia; Pérez Camino, María del Carmen; Albouchi, A.; Boukhchina, S.Artículo
closedAccessApr-2009Current advances in sunflower oil and its applicationsGarcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Salas, Joaquín J.; Venegas-Calerón, MónicaArtículo
closedAccess4-May-2011Dry fractionation and crystallization kinetics of high-oleic high-stearic sunflower oilBootello García, Miguel Ángel; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Martínez-Force, Enrique; Salas, Joaquín J.Artículo
openAccessPostprint_Planta_2014_667.pdf.jpg2014Effect of a mutagenized acyl-ACP thioesterase FATA allele from sunflower with improved activity in tobacco leaves and Arabidopsis seedsMoreno-Pérez, Antonio J.; Venegas-Calerón, Mónica; Vaistij, Fabián E.; Salas, Joaquín J.; Larson, Tony R.; Garcés Mancheño, Rafael; Graham, Ian A.; Martínez-Force, EnriqueArtículo