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openAccessJ. Exp. Bot.-2015-Albacete-863-78.pdf.jpg2015Ectopic overexpression of the cell wall invertase gene CIN1 leads to dehydration avoidance in tomatoAlbacete, Alfonso ; Cantero-Navarro, Elena ; Großkinsky, D.K.; Arias, Cintia L.; Balibrea, M.E.; Bru-Martínez, Roque; Fragner, L.; Ghanem, M.E.; De La Cruz, M.; Hernández, José Antonio  ; Martínez-Andújar, Cristina ; van der Graaf, E. R.; Weckwerth, W.; Zellnig, G.; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco ; Roitsch, Thomasartículo
openAccessNov-2016Exploring the use of recombinant inbred lines in combination with beneficial microbial inoculants (AM fungus and PGPR) to improve drought stress tolerance in tomatoCalvo-Polanco, Mónica; Sánchez-Romera, Beatriz; Aroca, Ricardo F.; Asins, M. J.; Declerck, Stéphane; Dodd, Ian C.; Martínez-Andújar, Cristina ; Albacete, Alfonso ; Ruiz-Lozano, Juan Manuelartículo
openAccessfplantsci.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2017Hormonal and Nutritional Features in Contrasting Rootstock-mediated Tomato Growth under Low-phosphorus NutritionMartínez-Andújar, Cristina ; Ruiz-Lozano, Juan Manuel; Dodd, Ian C.; Albacete, Alfonso ; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco artículo
openAccessjournal of experimental botany 02092008.pdf.jpg23-Jun-2008Hormonal changes during salinity-induced leaf senescence in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)Ghanem, M. E. ; Albacete, Alfonso ; Martínez-Andújar, Cristina ; Acosta, Manuel; Romero-Aranda, Remedios; Dodd, Ian C.; Lutts, S.; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco artículo
closedAccessMay-2007Increasing plant vigour and tomato fruit yield under salinity by inducing plant adaptation at the earliest seedling stageParra, Margarita; Albacete, Alfonso ; Martínez-Andújar, Cristina ; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco artículo
openAccessroot-to-shoot_hormona_Martinez.pdf.jpg29-Nov-2016Root-to-Shoot Hormonal Communication in Contrasting Rootstocks Suggests an Important Role for the Ethylene Precursor Aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylic Acid in Mediating Plant Growth under Low-Potassium Nutrition in TomatoMartínez-Andújar, Cristina ; Albacete, Alfonso ; Martínez Pérez, Ascensión; Pérez-Pérez, José Manuel; Asins, M. J.; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco artículo
closedAccessJul-2009Rootstock-mediated changes in xylem ionic and hormonal status are correlated with delayed leaf senescence, and increased leaf area and crop productivity in salinized tomatoAlbacete, Alfonso ; Martínez-Andújar, Cristina ; Ghanem, M. E. ; Acosta, Manuel; Sánchez-Bravo, J.; Asins, M. J.; Cuartero, Jesús; Lutts, S.; Dodd, Ian C.; Pérez-Alfocea, Francisco artículo