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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007Caught after the act: A human A-type metallocarboxypeptidase in a product complex with a cleaved hexapeptideBayés, Àlex; Fernández, Daniel A.; Solà, Maria; Marrero, Aniebrys; García-Piqué, Sonia; Avilés, Francesc X.; Vendrell, Josep; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
2010Matrix metalloproteinases: Fold and function of their catalytic domainsTallant, Cynthia; Marrero, Aniebrys; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
28-Apr-2004Staphylococcal methicillin resistance: Fine focus on folds and functionsMallorquí-Fernández, Goretti; Marrero, Aniebrys; García-Piqué, Sonia; García-Castellanos, Raquel; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
2011Structural and functional analyses reveal that Staphylococcus aureus antibiotic resistance factor Hmra is a zinc-dependent endopeptidaseBotelho, Tiago O.; Guevara, Tibisay; Marrero, Aniebrys; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
1-Jan-2007Substrate specificity of a metalloprotease of the pappalysin family revealed by an inhibitor and a product complexGarcía-Castellanos, Raquel; Tallant, Cynthia; Marrero, Aniebrys; Solà, Maria; Baumann, Ulrich; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
2012The crystal structure of human α2-macroglobulin reveals a unique molecular cageMarrero, Aniebrys; Goulas, Theodoros; Guevara, Tibisay; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo
24-Jul-2003Three-dimensional structure of MecI. Molecular basis for transcriptional regulation of staphylococcal methicillin resistanceGarcía-Castellanos, Raquel; Marrero, Aniebrys; Mallorquí-Fernández, Goretti; Potempa, Jan; Coll, Miquel; Gomis-Rüth, F. XavierArtículo

Showing results 1 to 7 of 7