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openAccess13-feb-2007Chaotically spiking canards in an excitable system with 2D inertial fast manifoldsMarino, Francesco; Marin, Francesco; Balle, Salvador; Piro, OresteArtículo
openAccess8-abr-2005Cross gain modulation in broad area vertical cavity semiconductor amplifierMarino, Francesco; Furfaro, Luca; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccess9-sep-2004Dynamical mechanism of anticipating synchronization in excitable systemsCiszak, Marzena; Marino, Francesco; Toral, Raúl; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccess9-mar-2005Excitable optical waves in semiconductor microcavitiesMarino, Francesco; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccess10-ene-2002Experimental Evidence of Stochastic Resonance in an Excitable Optical SystemMarino, Francesco; Giudici, Massimo; Barland, Stéphane; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
closedAccess13-ene-2004Experimental study of a broad area vertical-cavity semiconductor optical amplifierMarino, Francesco; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccess22-sep-2003In situ measurements of the cavity length variation across the transverse section of broad area vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs)Barland, Stéphane; Marino, Francesco; Giudici, Massimo; Tredicce, Jorge R.; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccess17-jul-2014Shielding of optical pulses on hydrodynamical time scales in laser-induced breakdown of saline waterConti, Daniel; Marino, Francesco; Roati, Giacomo; Orfila, Alejandro; Javaloyes, Julien; Piro, Oreste; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccessjun-2003Single-mode operation and transverse-mode control in VCSELs induced by frequency-selective feedbackMarino, Francesco; Barland, Stéphane; Balle, SalvadorArtículo
openAccess18-feb-2004Thermo-optical canard-orbits and excitable limit cyclesMarino, Francesco; Catalan, Gustau; Sánchez, Pedro A.; Balle, Salvador; Piro, OresteArtículo