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12-Aug-2010Application of highly sensitive saturation labeling to the analysis of differential protein expression in infected ticks from limited samplesVillar, Margarita; Torina, Alessandra; Núñez, Yolanda; Zivkovic, Zorica; Marina, Anabel; Alongi, Angelina; Scimeca, Salvatore; Barbera, Giuseppa la; Caracappa, Santo; Vázquez, Jesús; Fuente García, José de laArtículo
2001Characterization and partial sequencing of species-specific sarcoplasmic polypeptides from commercial hake species by mass spectrometry following two-dimensional electrophoresisPiñeiro, Carmen; Vázquez, Jesús; Marina, Anabel; Barros-Velázquez, J.; Gallardo, José ManuelArtículo
1999Evidence of saxitoxin derivatives as causative agents in the 1997 mass mortality of monk seals in the Cape Blanc peninsulaReyero, María I.; Cacho, E.; Martínez, Ana; Vázquez, Jesús; Marina, Anabel; Fraga, Santiago; Franco, José M.Artículo
24-Oct-2007High-sensitivity analysis of specific peptides in complex samples by selected MS/MS ion monitoring and linear ion trap mass spectrometry: application to biological studiesJorge, Inmaculada; Villar, Margarita; López-Ferrer, Daniel; Marina, Anabel; Martínez, Pablo; Carrera, Mónica; Serrano, Horacio; Gallardo, José Manuel; Lamas, Santiago; Vázquez, JesúsArtículo
2013Lesser protein degradation machinery correlates with higher BM86 tick vaccine efficacy in Rhipicephalus annulatus when compared to Rhipicephalus microplusPopara, Margarita; Villar, Margarita; Mateos-Hernández, Luis; de Mera, Isabel Garcia F; Marina, Anabel; Del Valle, Mercedes; Almazán, Consuelo; Domingos, Ana; de la Fuente, JoséArtículo
1-May-2001Procedure for the identification of PSP toxins by mass spectrometry with nanospray ionisation.Marina, Anabel; Vázquez, JesúsPatente

Showing results 1 to 6 of 6