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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Dec-2012Abnormal sea level oscillations observed in Boothbay and other locations along the mid coast of Maine on 28th October 2008Amores, Ángel; Monserrat, Sebastià; Marcos, MartaPóster
27-Oct-2011Atmospheric contribution to Mediterranean sea level variability under different climate change scenariosJordá, Gabriel; Gomis, Damià; Álvarez-Fanjul, Enrique; Pérez, Begoña; Somot, Samuel; Marcos, MartaPóster
22-Apr-2012Calibration of a wind wave hindcast (1958-2008) in the Western Mediterranean using buoy dataMartínez-Asensio, Adrián; Marcos, Marta; Jordá, Gabriel; Gomis, Damià; Gómez, MartaComunicación de congreso
2011Changes in storm surges in southern Europe from a regional model under climate change scenariosMarcos, Marta; Jordá, Gabriel; Gomis, Damià; Pérez, B.Artículo
30-Aug-2011Climate change impacts on coastal and pelagic environments in the southeastern Bay of BiscayChust, Guillem; Borja, Ángel; Caballero, Ainhoa; Irigoien, Xabier; Sáenz, Jon; Moncho, Roberto; Marcos, Marta; Liria, Pedro; Hidalgo, Julia; Valle, Mireia; ­Valencia, VictorianoArtículo
26-Sep-2012Climate simulations of the 20th and 21st centuries Mediterranean Sea and Iberian Peninsula watersAznar, Rosa; Álvarez-Fanjul, Enrique; Sánchez-Perrino, J.C.; Rodríguez-González, J.M.; Ramos, D.; Rodríguez-Camino, E.; Jordá, Gabriel; Marcos, Marta; Gomis, Damià; Somot, SamuelComunicación de congreso
10-Jan-2012Coastal sea level rise in southern Europe and the nonclimate contribution of vertical land motionWöppelmann, Guy; Marcos, MartaArtículo
2012Comment on "Storm surge frequency reduction in Venice under climate change" by Troccoli et al.Jordá, Gabriel; Gomis, Damià; Marcos, MartaArtículo
2008Comparing the sea level response to pressure and wind forcing of two barotropic models: Validation with tide gauge and altimetry dataPascual, Ananda; Marcos, Marta; Gomis, DamiàArtículo
2005Comparison and combination of coastal and off-shore tide gauge measurements from Eivissa Island, Western MediterraneanRichter, Andreas; Marcos, Marta; Monserrat, Sebastià; Gomis, Damià; Ruiz, Simón; Liebsch, Gunther; Dietrich, ReinhardArtículo
2009Comparison of Mediterranean sea level fields for the period 1961-2000 as given by a data reconstruction and a 3D modelCalafat, Francesc M.; Gomis, Damià; Marcos, MartaArtículo
3-Feb-2012Comparison of Mediterranean sea level variability as given by three baroclinic modelsCalafat, Francesc M.; Jordá, Gabriel; Marcos, Marta; Gomis, DamiàArtículo
6-Apr-2011Comparison of satellite altimetry sea level anomalies and hydrographic observations in the Mediterranean SeaCalafat, Francesc M.; Marcos, Marta; Gomis, Damià; Jordá, GabrielPóster
2005Consistency of long sea-level time series in the northern coast of SpainMarcos, Marta; Gomis, Damià; Monserrat, Sebastià; Álvarez-Fanjul, Enrique; Pérez, Begoña; García-Lafuente, JesúsArtículo
30-Apr-2012Effect of sea level extremes on the western Basque coast during the 21st centuryMarcos, Marta; Chust, Guillem; Jordá, Gabriel; Caballero, AinhoaArtículo
6-May-2010Extreme storm surge and wave events in the Mediterranean Sea under climate change scenariosMarcos, Marta; Jordá, Gabriel; Gomis, Damià; Calafat, Francesc M.; Gómez, Marta; Álvarez-Fanjul, EnriqueComunicación de congreso
2005General patterns of circulation, sediment fluxes and ecology of the Palamós (La Fonera) submarine canyon, northwestern MediterraneanPalanques, Albert; García-Ladona, Emilio; Gomis, Damià; Martín, Jacobo; Marcos, Marta; Pascual, Ananda; Puig, Pere; Gili, Josep Maria; Emelianov, Mikhail; Monserrat, Sebastià; Guillén, Jorge; Tintoré, Joaquín; Segura i Noguera, María del Mar; Jordi, Antoni; Ruiz, Simón; Basterretxea, Gotzon; Font, Jordi; Blasco, Dolors; Pagès, FrancescArtículo
Apr-2011Hidrographyc conditions and vertical velocities at a front detected at the Soller area during an IDEADOS Project surveyBalbín, Rosa; Flexas, María del Mar; López-Jurado, José Luis; Amores, Ángel; Monserrat, Sebastià; Marcos, MartaPóster
2004Ibiza absolute calibration experiment: Survey and preliminary resultsMartínez Benjamín, Juan José; Gomis, Damià; Marcos, MartaArtículo
26-Sep-2012Identification of the climate modes driving present Mediterranean sea level variabilityMartínez-Asensio, Adrián; Marcos, Marta; Tsimplis, M. N.; Josey, Simon A.; Gomis, DamiàComunicación de congreso

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