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openAccess2017 Neurogenetics 18-245-Manuscrito.pdf.jpgDec-2017A newly distal hereditary motor neuropathy caused by a rare AIFM1 mutationSancho, Paula; Sánchez-Monteagudo, Ana; Collado, Antonio; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Domínguez-Gonzalez, Cristina; Camacho, Ana ; Knecht, Erwin; Espinós, Carmen ; Lupo, Vincenzo Artículo
openAccessG5K_JMB2007.pdf.jpg13-Apr-2007A Novel Two-domain Architecture Within the Amino Acid Kinase Enzyme Family Revealed by the Crystal Structure of Escherichia coli Glutamate 5-kinaseMarco-Marín, Clara ; Gil-Ortiz, Fernando ; Pérez-Arellano, Isabel ; Cervera, Javier; Fita, Ignacio  ; Rubio, Vicente Artículo
openAccess2016 Brain 139-e3 Author vers.pdf.jpgJan-2016ALDH18A1 gene mutations cause dominant spastic paraplegia SPG9: loss of function effect and plausibility of a dominant negative mechanismPanza, Emanuele; Escamilla-Honrubia, Juan Manuel ; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Gougeard, Nadine ; De Michele, Giuseppe; Brescia Morra, Vincenzo; Liguori, Rocco; Salviati, Leonardo; Donati, Maria Alice; Cusano, Roberto; Pippucci, Tommaso; Ravazzolo, Roberto; Nemeth, Andrea H; Smithson, Sarah; Davies, Sally; Hurst, Jane A; Bordo, Domenico; Rubio, Vicente ; Seri, MarcoArtículo
openAccesssebbm2015_Juanma.pdf.jpg7-Sep-2015Deciphering the mechanism by which 1-pyrrolin-5-carboxylate synthetase defects associate with dominant and recessive human pathologiesEscamilla Honrubia, Juan Manuel; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Gougeard, Nadine; Rubio, Vicente Póster
openAccessMarco Marin Tesis.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2007Máquinas moleculares que sintetizan anhidridos fosfóricosMarco-Marín, Clara Tesis
openAccess2007 PNAS 104-17644_vers aut.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2007The crystal structure of the complex of PII and acetylglutamate kinase reveals how PII controls the storage of nitrogen as arginineLlácer, José Luis  ; Contreras, Asunción; Forchhammer, Karl; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Gil-Ortiz, Fernando ; Maldonado, R.; Fita, Ignacio  ; Rubio, Vicente Artículo
openAccess2018 Front Mol Biosci 5-00091.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2018The PII-NAGK-PipX-NtcA Regulatory Axis of Cyanobacteria: A Tale of Changing Partners, Allosteric Effectors and Non-covalent InteractionsForcada-Nadal, Alicia ; Llácer, José Luis  ; Contreras, Asunción; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Rubio, Vicente Artículo
openAccess2016 Hum Mutat 37-679 Auth Vers.pdf.jpgJul-2016Understanding N-Acetyl-L-Glutamate Synthase Deficiency: Mutational Spectrum, Impact of Clinical Mutations on Enzyme Functionality, and Structural ConsiderationsSancho-Vaello, Enea ; Marco-Marín, Clara ; Gougeard, Nadine ; Fernandez-Murga, Leonor; Rufenacht, Veronique; Mustedanagic, Merima; Rubio, Vicente ; Rubio, Vicente ; Haberle, JohannesArtículo