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2011Exploring the potential of fungal manganese-containing lipoxygenase for pitch control and pulp delignificationMarques, Gisela; Molina, Setefilla; Babot, Esteban Daniel; Lund, Henrik; Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Gutiérrez Suárez, AnaArtículo
2014Search, engineering, and applications of new oxidative biocatalystsMartínez Ferrer, Ángel Tomás; Ruiz Dueñas, Francisco Javier; Gutiérrez Suárez, Ana; Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Alcalde Galeote, Miguel; Lund, HenrikArtículo
2011Towards industrially-feasible delignification and pitch removal by treating paper pulp with Myceliophthora thermophila laccase and a phenolic mediatorBabot, Esteban Daniel; Rico Campos, Alejandro; Rencoret, Jorge; Kalum, Lisbeth; Lund, Henrik; Romero Sánchez, Javier; Río Andrade, José Carlos del; Martínez Ferrer, Ángel Tomás; Gutiérrez Suárez, AnaArtículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3