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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1996Analytical study of nonlinear chirped pulses: Propagation in dispersive optical fibersLozano, Carles; García-Fernández, P.; Mirasso, Claudio R.
closedAccess15-Aug-2006Comparative study of the cytotoxicity induced by antioxidant epicatechin conjugates obtained from grapeUgartondo, Vanessa; Mitjans, Montserrat; Lozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís; Vinardell, M. Pilar
closedAccess22-Jan-2005Conjugation of catechins with cysteine generates antioxidant compounds with enhanced neuroprotective activityTorres, Josep Lluís; Lozano, Carles; Maher, P.
closedAccess14-Jul-2005Effect of new antioxidant cysteinyl-flavanol conjugates on skin cancer cellsLozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís; Juliá, Lluís; Jiménez, Aurora; Centelles, Josep J.; Cascante, Marta
closedAccess1-Jun-2006Electron-transfer capacity of catechin derivatives and influence on the cell cycle and apoptosis in HT29 cellsLozano, Carles; Juliá, Lluís; Jiménez, Aurora; Touriño, Sonia; Centelles, Josep J.; Cascante, Marta; Torres, Josep Lluís
closedAccess28-Oct-2004Immunomodulatory activity of a new family of antioxidants obtained from grape polyphenolsMitjans, Montserrat; Campo, Jaime del; Abajo, Celia; Martínez, Verónica; Selga, Ariadna; Lozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís; Vinardell, M. Pilar
closedAccess28-Apr-2003Micellar electrokinetic chromatography estimation of size and composition of procyanidins after thiolysis with cysteineHerrero-Martínez, José Manuel; Ràfols, Clara; Rosés, Martí; Bosch, Elisabeth; Lozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís
openAccessDec-2005Nous derivats de flavanols a partir de subproductes vegetals. Síntesi, purificació i avaluació de la seva capacitat anti-radicalària i pro-apoptòtica en cèl•lules no tumorals i cancerosesCascante, Marta; Torres, Josep Lluís; Lozano, Carles
openAccess12-Aug-2008A novel approach to enhancing cellular glutathione levelsMaher, Pamela; Lewerenz, Jan; Lozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís
closedAccess1-Sep-2004Novel epicatechin derivatives with antioxidant activity modulate interleukin-1β release in lipopolysaccharide-stimulated human bloodMitjans, Montserrat; Martínez, Verónica; Campo, Jaime del; Abajo, Celia; Lozano, Carles; Torres, Josep Lluís; Vinardell, M. Pilar
openAccessSep-2008Polymerization and galloylation: two important aspects for antiproliferative properties of procyanidin-rich natural extractsLizárraga, Daneida; Lozano, Carles; Touriño, Sonia; Centelles, Josep J.; Torres, Josep Lluís; Cascante, Marta
closedAccess30-Apr-2005Procyanidin fractions from pine (Pinus pinaster) bark: radical scavenging power in solution, antioxidant activity in emulsion, and antiproliferative effect in melanoma cellsTouriño, Sonia; Selga, Ariadna; Jiménez, Aurora; Juliá, Lluís; Lozano, Carles; Lizárraga, Daneida; Cascante, Marta; Torres, Josep Lluís