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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014Adsorption of probe molecules in pillared interlayered clays: Experiment and computer simulationGallardo, A.; Guil, J. M.; Lomba, Enrique; Almarza, Noé G.; Khatib, S. J.; Cabrillo García, Carlos; Sanz, A.; Pires, JoãoArtículo
30-Aug-2007Cluster algorithm to perform parallel Monte Carlo simulation of atomistic systemsAlmarza, Noé G.; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo
16-Dec-2008Demixing in binary mixtures of apolar and dipolar hard spheresAlmarza, Noé G.; Lomba, Enrique; Martín, C.; Gallardo, A.Artículo
13-Aug-2004Determination of effective pair interactions from the structure factorAlmarza, Noé G.; Lomba, Enrique; Molina, DanielArtículo
3-Jul-2003Determination of the interaction potential from the pair distribution function: An inverse Monte Carlo techniqueAlmarza, Noé G.; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo
2-Jun-2005The gas–liquid phase-transition singularities in the framework of the liquid-state integral equation formalismSarkisov, Gari; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo
10-Oct-2007Microscopic structure and dynamics of molten Se50Te50 alloysKatcho, N. A.; Zetterström, P.; Lomba, Enrique; Otero Díaz, L. C.Artículo
6-Dec-2007Phase behavior of a family of continuous two-dimensional n-vector models with n=2, 3, and 4Lomba, Enrique; Almarza, Noé G.; Martín, C.Artículo
4-Aug-2006Phase behavior of a hard sphere Maier-Saupe nematogenic system in three dimensionsLomba, Enrique; Martín, Claudio; Almarza, Noé G.; Lado, FredArtículo
28-Jun-2007Phase behavior of attractive and repulsive ramp fluids: Integral equation and computer simulation studiesLomba, Enrique; Almarza, Noé G.; Martín, C.; McBride, C.Artículo
28-Jul-2010Phase behavior of the confined Lebwohl-Lasher modelAlmarza, Noé G.; Martín, Claudio; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo
2010Phase behavior of the Confined Lebwohl-Lasher ModelAlmarza, Noé G.; Martín, C.; Lomba, EnriquePre-print
3-Sep-2009Phase behavior of the hard-sphere Maier-Saupe fluid under spatial confinementAlmarza, Noé G.; Martín, C.; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo
24-Sep-2009Phase diagram of a two-dimensional lattice gas model of a ramp systemAlmarza, Noé G.; Capitán, J. A.; Cuesta, J. A.; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo
22-Apr-2005Simulation study of the phase behavior of a planar Maier-Saupe nematogenic liquidLomba, Enrique; Martín, Claudio; Almarza, Noé G.; Lado, FredArtículo
1-Jul-2003Study of dipolar fluid inclusions in charged random matricesFernaud, M. J.; Lomba, Enrique; Martín, C.; Levesque, D.; Weis, J. J.Artículo
22-Aug-2002Study of the triplet and pair structure of strong electrolytes modeled via truncated Coulomb interactionsJorge, S.; Lomba, Enrique; Abascal, Jose Luis F.Artículo
22-Dec-2009Topological considerations on microporous adsorption processes in simple models for pillared interlayered claysAlmarza, Noé G.; Gallardo, A.; Martín, C.; Guil, J. M.; Lomba, EnriqueArtículo

Showing results 1 to 18 of 18