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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2010A multi-year study of rainfall and soil water controls on Scots pine transpiration under Mediterranean mountain conditionsLlorens, Pilar; Poyatos, R.; Latrón, J.; Delgado, Juliana; Oliveras, I.; Gallart Gallego, Francesc
openAccess2012A novel approach to analysing the regimes of temporary streams in relation to their controls on the composition and structure of aquatic biotaGallart Gallego, Francesc; Latrón, J.; Llorens, Pilar; Barberá, G. G.; Froebrich, J.
closedAccess2011Analysing the effect of global change on the historical trends of water resources in the headwaters of the Llobregat and Ter river basins (Catalonia, Spain)Gallart Gallego, Francesc; Delgado, Juliana; Beatson, S.J.V.; Posner, H.; Llorens, Pilar; Marcé, R.
openAccess2011Developing a novel approach to analyse the regimes of temporary streams and their controls on aquatic biotaGallart Gallego, Francesc; Latrón, J.; Llorens, Pilar; Barbera, G. G.; Quiñonero, J. M.; Froebrich, J.
openAccess1993Hydrological implications of afforestation of abandoned lands: water balance simulation of a small Mediterranean mountainous basinLlorens, Pilar
openAccess2002Hydrological processes and their seasonal controls in a small Mediterranean mountain catchment in the PyreneesGallart Gallego, Francesc; Llorens, Pilar; Latrón, J.; Regüés-Muñoz, D.
openAccess2002Internal evaluation of a physically-based distributed model using data from a Mediterranean mountain catchmentAnderton, S. P.; Latrón, J.; White, S. M.; Llorens, Pilar; Gallart Gallego, Francesc; Salvany, C.; O'Connell, P. E.
openAccess2005Transpiration of montane Pinus sylvestris L. and Quercus pubescens Willd. forest stands measured with sap flow sensors in NE SpainPoyatos, R.; Llorens, Pilar; Gallart Gallego, Francesc