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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Adaptation to osmotic stress provides protection against ammonium nitrate in Pelophylax perezi embryosOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Fernández-Benéitez, María José; Lizana, Miguel; Marco, AdolfoArtículo
Jul-2009Alteration of courtship behavior because of water acidification and minor effect of ammonium nitrate in the Iberian newt (Lissotriton boscai)Ortíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Marco, Adolfo; Fernández-Pacheco, María José; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
2010Análisis de los patrones de distribución de los anfibios en Álava y Condado de TreviñoLadrón de Guevara, Mónica; Lizana, Miguel; Avila, Carmelo; Bea, AntonioArtículo
2007Effects of ammonium nitrate exposure and water acidification on the dwarf newt: The protective effect of oviposition behaviour on embryonic survivalOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Marco, Adolfo; Fernández-Benéitez, María José; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
Mar-2001Egg-wrapping behaviour protects newt embryos from UV radiationMarco, Adolfo; Lizana, Miguel; Álvarez, Alberto; Blaustein, Andrew R.Artículo
2004Impact of Ammonium Nitrate on Growth and Survival of Six European AmphibiansOrtíz, Manuel E.; Marco, Adolfo; Saiz, Nelia; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
2011Influence of a Combination of Agricultural Chemicals on Embryos of the Endangered Gold-Striped Salamander (Chioglossa lusitanica)Ortíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Fernández-Benéitez, ´María José; Lizana, Miguel; Marco, AdolfoArtículo
2006Influence of developmental stage pn sensitivity to ammonium nitrate of aquatic stages of amphibiansOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Marco, Adolfo; Fernández, María José; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
Aug-2010Influence of ammonium nitrate on larval anti-predatory responses of two amphibian speciesOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Fernández-Benéitez, María José; Marco, Adolfo; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
Mar-2011Realistic Levels of a Fertilizer Impair Iberian Newt Embryonic DevelopmentOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Marco, Adolfo; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
Jun-2011Responses on toad tadpoles to ammonium nitrate fertilizer and predatory stress: differences between populations on a local scaleOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Fernández-Benéitez, María José; Lizana, Miguel; Marco, AdolfoArtículo
Apr-2005Sensitivity and Behavior of the Iberian Newt, Triturus boscai, Under Terrestrial Exposure to Ammonium NitrateOrtíz-Santaliestra, Manuel E.; Marco, Adolfo; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
2002The absence of species and sex recognition during mate search by male common toads, Bufo bufoMarco, Adolfo; Lizana, MiguelArtículo
2004Variable breeding phenology affects the exposure of amphibian embryos to ultraviolet radiation and optical characteristics of natural waters protect amphibians from UV-B in the U.S. Pacific Northwest: CommentBlaustein, Andrew R.; Han, Barbara; Fasy, Betsy; Romansie, J.; Scheessele, E.A.; Anthony, Robert G.; Marco, Adolfo; Chivers, Douglas P.; Belden, Lisa K.; Kiesecker, Joseph M.; Garcia, Tiffany; Lizana, Miguel; Kats, L.B.; Palen, W.J.; Schindler, D.E.; Adams, M.J.; Pearl, C.A.; Bury, R.; Diamond, S.A.; Corn, P.S.; Muths, E.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 14 of 14