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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess1991A study of four melt-spun AlLiB alloys aged at 473 KLieblich, Marcela; Torralba, Marcelino
closedAccess1992Ageing characteristics of rapidly solidified Al-Li-Ti alloys at 473 KLieblich, Marcela; Torralba, Marcelino
closedAccess1999Al-Fe-Nd powders prepared by gas atomisationCardoso, K. R.; García Escorial, Asunción; Lieblich, Marcela; Yavari, A. R.; Botta F., W. J.
closedAccess1994Aluminium/Ni3Al composites porcessed by powder metallurgyGonzález-Carrasco, José Luis; F.Garcia Cano; Caruana, Guillermo; Lieblich, Marcela
closedAccess1994Aluminum/Ni3Al composites processed by powder metallurgyGonzález-Carrasco, José Luis; García-Cano, F.; Caruana, Guillermo; Lieblich, Marcela
closedAccess2001Amorphous and nanostructuredAl–Fe–Ndpowders obtained by gasatomizationCardoso, Kátia Regina; García Escorial, Asunción; Lieblich, Marcela; Botta F, W.J
closedAccess2012Anomalous low temperature stair like coercivity decrease due to magnetostatic coupling between superconducting and ferromagnetic particles in mixed powdersMarín, P.; Aragón, A. M.; Lieblich, Marcela; García Escorial, Asunción; Crespo, P.; Hernando, A.
closedAccess2007Assessment of tensile behaviour of an Al–Mg alloy composite reinforced with NiAl and oxidized NiAl powder particles helped by nanoindentationPour, H.A; Lieblich, Marcela; López, A.J; Rams, J; Salehi, M.T; Shabestari, S.G
closedAccess1999Asymmetrical phase growth in a PM Al/Ni3Al compositeLieblich, Marcela; González-Carrasco, José Luis; García Cano, F.
closedAccess2014Biodegradable Bi-layered coating on polymeric orthopaedic implants for controlled release of drugsArgarate, Nerea; Olalde, Beatriz.; Atorrasagasti, Garbiñe.; Valero, Jesús; Cifuentes, Sandra Carolina.; Benavente, Rosario; Lieblich, Marcela; González-Carrasco, José Luis
closedAccess2003Bulk nanostructured aluminium alloy Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2: Processing and characterizationChlup, Z.; Todd, I.; García Escorial, Asunción; Lieblich, Marcela; Chlupova, A.; O'Dwyer, J.G.
closedAccess1991Cellular microstructure and heterogeneous coarsening of δ′ in rapidly solidified Al-Li-Ti alloysLieblich, Marcela; Torralba, Marcelino
closedAccess2010Characterisation of an Al93Fe3Cr2Ti2 alloy obtained by spray formingGarcía Escorial, Asunción; Echevarría, M; Lieblich, Marcela; Stone, I
closedAccess1996Characteristics of Al-Cr-Zr alloy powders made by confined nozzle atomisationLieblich, Marcela; Caruana, Guillermo; Torralba, Marcelino; Jones, H.
closedAccess2013Coercivity and its thermal dependence in microsized magnetic particles: Influence of grain boundariesMarín, P.; Aragón, A. M.; García Escorial, Asunción; Lieblich, Marcela; Crespo, P.; Hernando, A.
closedAccess2005Comparative study of Al-TiAl composites with different intermetallic volume fractions and particlesizesMuñoz-Morris, Marcela; Rexach, J.I; Lieblich, Marcela
closedAccess2001Consolidation of Al-Fe-Nd atomised powdersCardoso, K. R.; García Escorial, Asunción; Lieblich, Marcela; Botta F, W.J.
closedAccess1996Creep behaviour of a rapidly solidified Al-5Cr-2zr alloy between room temperature and 823 KBrahmi, A.; Gerique, T.; Lieblich, Marcela; Torralba, Marcelino
closedAccessJun-2009Creep Resistance depending on Particle Reinforcement Size of Al-Alloys produced by Powder MetallurgyBauer, B.; Requena, Guillermo; Lieblich, Marcela
closedAccess2001Crystallisation of Al90Fe5Nd5 Amorphous AlloyCardoso, K. R.; García Escorial, Asunción; Botta, W. J.; Lieblich, Marcela