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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccessLatasa_2005.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2005Book review: Borja, A. and M. Collins (eds.). 2004. Oceanography and Marine Environment of the Basque CountryLatasa, Mikel Reseña bibliográfica
openAccessCompany_et_al_2008.pdf.jpg16-Jan-2008Climate influence on deep sea populationsCompany, Joan B.  ; Puig, Pere  ; Sardà, Francisco ; Palanques, Albert  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate Artículo
openAccessGutierrez_et_al_2009.pdf.jpg14-May-2009Coupling between phytoplankton growth and microzooplankton grazing in dilution experiments: potential artefactsGutiérrez-Rodríguez, Andrés ; Latasa, Mikel ; Mourre, Baptiste ; Laws, Edward A.Artículo
closedAccessMar-2009Deep sediment transport induced by storms and dense shelf-water cascading in the northwestern Mediterranean basinPalanques, Albert  ; Puig, Pere  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate Artículo
closedAccessNov-2011Distribution and contribution of major phytoplankton groups to carbon cycling across contrasting conditions of the subtropical northeast Atlantic OceanGutiérrez-Rodríguez, Andrés ; Latasa, Mikel ; Agustí, Susana ; Duarte, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessPalanques_et_al_2011.pdf.jpgMar-2011Effects of storm events on the shelf-to-basin sediment transport in the southwestern end of the Gulf of Lions (Northwestern Mediterranean)Palanques, Albert  ; Puig, Pere  ; Guillén, Jorge  ; Durrieu de Madron, Xavier; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate ; Martín, Jacobo Artículo
openAccessGonzalez_et_al_2008.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2008Genome analysis of the proteorhodopsin-containing marine bacterium Polaribacter sp. MED152 (Flavobacteria)González, José M.; Fernández-Gómez, Beatriz ; Fernàndez-Guerra, Antoni ; Gómez-Consarnau, Laura; Sánchez, Olga ; Coll-Lladó, Montserrat ; Campo, Javier del ; Escudero, Lorena ; Rodríguez-Martínez, Raquel ; Alonso-Sáez, Laura ; Latasa, Mikel ; Paulsen, Ian; Nedashkovskaya, Olga; Lekunberri, Itziar ; Pinhassi, Jarone; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos Artículo
closedAccess1-Nov-2011Growth and grazing rate dynamics of major phytoplankton groups in an oligotrophic coastal siteGutiérrez-Rodríguez, Andrés ; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate ; Massana, Ramon  ; Vila-Reixach, Gemma; Gasol, Josep M.  Artículo
openAccessScharek_et_al_2007.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2007Growth, grazing and carbon flux of high and low nucleic acid bacteria differ in surface and deep chlorophyll maximum layers in the NW Mediterranean SeaScharek, Renate ; Latasa, Mikel Artículo
openAccessLatasa_2007.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2007Improving estimations of phytoplankton class abundances using CHEMTAXLatasa, Mikel Artículo
closedAccess2009Interactions between open-sea convection and shelf cascading dense waters in the formation of the Western Mediterranean Deep WaterPuig, Pere  ; Palanques, Albert  ; Font, Jordi ; Salat, Jordi  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate Comunicación de congreso
closedAccessMay-2009Interactions between open-sea convection and shelf cascading dense waters in the formation of the Western Mediterranean Deep WaterPuig, Pere  ; Palanques, Albert  ; Font, Jordi ; Salat, Jordi  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate Comunicación de congreso
openAccessNot_et_al_2005.pdf.jpg2005Late summer community composition and abundance of photosynthetic picoeukaryotes in Norwegian and Barents SeasNot, Fabrice ; Massana, Ramon  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Marie, Dominique; Colson, Céline; Eikrem, Wenche; Pedrós-Alió, Carlos ; Vaulot, Daniel; Simon, NathalieArtículo
closedAccess15-Feb-2006Lipid biomarkers and trophic linkages between phytoplankton, zooplankton and anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) larvae in the NW MediterraneanRossi, Sergio ; Sabatés, Ana  ; Latasa, Mikel ; Reyes, E. Artículo
closedAccess2001Losses of chlorophylls and carotenoids in aqueous acetone and methanol extracts prepared for RPHPLC analysis of pigmentsLatasa, Mikel ; Lenning, K. van ; Garrido, J. L. ; Scharek, Renate ; Estrada, Marta  ; Rodríguez, Francisco; Zapata, Manuel Artículo
closedAccess13-Oct-2010Mesoscale thermohaline variability during the spring phytoplankton bloom in the NW MediterraneanEmelianov, Mikhail  ; Fraile-Nuez, E.; Latasa, Mikel ; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi  Póster
openAccessLatasa_1995.pdf.jpgMar-1995Pigment composition of Heterocapsa sp. and Thalassiosira weissflogii growing in batch cultures under different irradiancesLatasa, Mikel Artículo
openAccessLatasa_et_al_2010.pdf.jpg20-May-2010Preferences of phytoplankton groups for waters of different trophic status in the northwestern Mediterranean seaLatasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate ; Vidal, Montserrat; Vila-Reixach, Gemma; Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Andrés ; Emelianov, Mikhail  ; Gasol, Josep M.  Artículo
closedAccessNov-2008Protistan assemblages across the Indian Ocean, with a specific emphasis on the picoeukaryotesNot, Fabrice ; Latasa, Mikel ; Scharek, Renate ; Viprey, Manon; Karleskind, Pierre; Balagué, Vanessa  ; Ontoria-Oviedo, Imelda ; Cumino, Andrea ; Goetze, Erica; Vaulot, Daniel; Massana, Ramon  Artículo
closedAccess17-Aug-2010Targeted metagenomics and ecology of globally important uncultured eukaryotic phytoplanktonCuvelier, Marie L.; Latasa, Mikel Artículo