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openAccessAfrican_geoxyles.pdf.jpgOct-2017African geoxyles evolved in response to fire; frost came laterLamont, Byron B.; He, Tianhua; Pausas, J. G.  artículo
openAccessBiological_and_geophysical.pdf.jpg6-Mar-2018Biological and geophysical feedbacks with fire in the Earth systemArchibald, S.; Lehmann, C. E. R.; Belcher, Claire M.; Bond, W. J.; Bradstock, R. A.; Daniau, A. L.; Dexter, K. G.; Forrestel, E. J.; Greve, M.; He, Tianhua; Higgins, S. I.; Hoffmann, W. A.; Lamont, Byron B.; McGlinn, D. J.; Moncrieff, G. R.; Osborne, C. P.; Pausas, J. G.  ; Price, Owen F.; Ripley, B. S.; Rogers, B. M.; Schwilk, Dylan W.; Simon, Marcelo F.; Turetsky, M. R.; Werf, G. R. Van der; Zanne, A. E.artículo
openAccessEcology_and_biogeography.pdf.jpgJul-2018Ecology and biogeography in 3D: The case of the Australian ProteaceaePausas, J. G.  ; Lamont, Byron B.artículo
openAccessFire_and_plant.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2018Fire and Plant Diversification in Mediterranean-Climate RegionsRundell, Philip W.; Arroyo, Mary T. K.; Cowling, Richard M.; Keeley, J. E.; Lamont, Byron B.; Pausas, J. G.  ; Vargas, Pablo artículo
openAccessFire_key.pdf.jpgDec-2019Fire as a key driver of Earth's biodiversityHe, Tianhua; Lamont, Byron B.; Pausas, J. G.  artículo
embargoedAccessFire_Lamont_Postprint2020.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2020Fire as a selective agent for both Serotiny and Nonserotiny over space and timeLamont, Byron B.; Pausas, J. G.  ; He, Tianhua; Witkowski, Ed T. F.; Hanley, Mick E.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgMay-2012Fire-adapted traits of Pinus arose in the fiery CretaceousHe, Tianhua; Pausas, J. G.  ; Belcher, Claire M.; Schwilk, Dylan W.; Lamont, Byron B.artículo
openAccessUnearthing_below.pdf.jpgMar-2018Unearthing belowground bud banks in fire‐prone ecosystemsPausas, J. G.  ; Lamont, Byron B.; Paula, S. ; Appezzato-da-Gloria, B.; Fidelis, Alessandraartículo