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closedAccess2008Bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw is associated with polymorphisms of the cytoehrome P450 CYP2C8 in multiple myeloma: A genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism analysisSarasquete, María Eugenia; García-Sanz, Ramón; Chillón, Maria del Carmen; Santamaría, Carlos; Lahuerta, Juan José; González, Marcos; San Miguel, Jesús F.
openAccess1-Nov-2010Busulfan 12 mg/kg plus melphalan 140 mg/m2 versus melphalan 200 mg/m2 as conditioning regimens for autologous transplantation in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma patients included in the PETHEMA/GEM2000 studyLahuerta, Juan José; Mateos, Maria Victoria; San Miguel, Jesús F.
closedAccess2011Competition between clonal plasma cells and normal cells for potentially overlapping bone marrow niches is associated with a progressively altered cellular distribution in MGUS vs myelomaPaiva, Bruno; Pérez-Andrés, Martin; Almeida, Julia; Mateos, Maria Victoria; López-Corral, L.; Gutiérrez, Norma Carmen; Schmidt-Hieber, M.; Lahuerta, Juan José; San Miguel, Jesús F.; Orfao, A.
closedAccess2005Genetic abnormalities and patterns of antigenic expression in multiple myelomaMateo, Gema; Castellanos, Mariana V.; Rasillo, Ana; Gutiérrez, Norma Carmen; Hernández, Jesús M.; López-Borges, Susana; Bladé, Joan; Mateos, Maria Victoria; Díaz-Mediavilla, J.; Pandiella, Atanasio, et al
closedAccess2012Management of treatment-emergent peripheral neuropathy in multiple myelomaRichardson, Paul G.; Lahuerta, Juan José; Mateos, Maria Victoria; Bladé, Joan; San Miguel, Jesús F.