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closedAccessFeb-2017A rapid biodiversity assessment of myxomycetes from a primary tropical moist forest of the Amazon basin in EcuadorLado, Carlos ; Estrada-Torres, Arturo; Wrigley de Basanta, D.; Schnittler, Martin; Stephenson, Steven L.artículo
openAccessAnales_68_1_61-95.pdf.jpg2011Biodiversity of Myxomycetes from the Monte Desert of ArgentinaLado, Carlos ; Wrigley de Basanta, D.; Estrada-Torres, A.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Biogeographical assessment of myxomycete assemblages from Neotropical and Asian Palaeotropical forestsDagamac, N.H.A.; Novozhilov, Y.K.; Stephenson, S.L.; Lado, Carlos ; Rojas, C.; Cruz, T.E.E. de la; Unterseher, M.; Schnittler, M.artículo
openAccessLicea.pdf.jpg30-Jun-2002Description and culture of a new myxomycete, Licea succulenticolaMosquera, Juan; Lado, Carlos ; Estrada-Torres, A.; Beltrán Tejera, Esperanza; Wrigley De Basanta, Dianaartículo
openAccess323.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2009Description of a new species of Perichaena (Myxomycetes) from arid areas of ArgentinaLado, Carlos ; Wrigley De Basanta, Diana; Estrada-Torres, A.; García Carvajal, Eva ; Aguilar, María artículo
closedAccess2018Didymium azorellae, a new myxomycete from cushion plants of cold arid areas of South AmericaWrigley de Basanta, D.; Estrada-Torres, A.; García-Cunchillos, I.; Echeverría, A.C.; Lado, Carlos artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2015Didymium xerophilum, a new myxomycete from the tropical AndesWriley de Basanta, D.; Lado, Carlos ; García-Martín, J.M.; Estrada-Torres, A.artículo
openAccessLado_First record.pdf.jpg2015First record of the myxomycete genus Colloderma in Central AmericaRojas, C.; Lado, Carlos ; Valverde, R.artículo
openAccess2008_WrigleyBasanta_FungDiv_28_109-125.pdf.jpg2008Lianas as a microhabitat for myxomycetes in tropical forestsWrigley De Basanta, Diana; Stephenson, S.L.; Lado, Carlos ; Estrada-Torres, A.; Nieves-Rivera, A.M.artículo
openAccessromeralo.pdf.jpgJan-2007Molecular systematics of dictyostelids: 5.8S ribosomal DNA and internal transcribed spacer region analysesRomeralo Rodríguez, María ; Escalante, Ricardo ; Sastre, Leandro ; Lado, Carlos artículo
openAccessLado_Myxomycetes diversity_Anales.pdf.jpg2016Myxomycete diversity in the coastal desert of peru with emphasis on the lomas formationsLado, Carlos ; Wriley de Basanta, D.; Estrada-Torres, A.; Stephenson, S.L.artículo
openAccess2009_Estrada-Torres_FungDiv_36_17-56.pdf.jpg2009Myxomycetes associated with xerophyllous scrubland of the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán Valley Biosphere Reserve, MexicoEstrada-Torres, A.; Wrigley De Basanta, Diana; Conde, E.; Lado, Carlos artículo
openAccess2007_Lado_FungDiv_25_81-101.pdf.jpg2007Myxomycetes collected in the first phase of a North-South transect of ChileLado, Carlos ; Estrada-Torres, A.; Stephenson, S.L.artículo
openAccess2007_Lado_CanJouBot_85_104-111.pdf.jpg2007A new concept for Dictyostelium sphaerocephalum based on morphology and phylogenetic analysis of nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer region sequencesRomeralo Rodríguez, María ; Fiz Palacios, Omar ; Lado, Carlos ; Cavender, J. C.artículo
openAccessLado_PERICHAENA.pdf.jpg2015Perichaena calongei (Trichiales): a new record of Myxomycetes from BrazilAraújo, J. C.; Lado, Carlos ; Xavier-Santos, S.artículo
openAccess288.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2008A Review of Neotropical Myxomycetes (1828-2008)Lado, Carlos ; Wrigley De Basanta, Dianaartículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2017Taxonomy and Systematics: Current Knowledge and Approaches on the Taxonomic Treatment of Myxomycetes. In: Stephenson S.L. & Rojas, C. (eds.). Myxomycetes: Biology, Systematics, Biogeography and Ecology. ElsevierLado, Carlos ; Eliasson, U.capítulo de libro
closedAccess2018Typification of the myxomycete taxa described by the Listers and preserved at the Natural History Museum, London (BM)Lado, Carlos ; Wrigley de Basanta, D.libro