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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
10-Oct-2006Development of an antibiotic-free plasmid selection system based on glycine auxotrophy for recombinant protein overproduction in Escherichia coliVidal, Luis; López-Santín, Josep; Caminal, Glòria; Ferrer, PauArtículo
9-May-2012Direct measurements of IPTG enable analysis of the induction behavior of E. coli in high cell density culturesFernández-Castané, Alfred; Caminal, Glòria; López-Santín, JosepArtículo
30-Jul-2004Studies on the expression of recombinant fuculose-1-phosphate aldolase in E. coliDurany, Olga; Caminal, Glòria; Mas, Carles de; López-Santín, JosepArtículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3