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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess12-Dec-20118-Dehydrosterols induce v-atpase dysfunction in yeast. Protective effect of an alternative H+-PUMPHernández, A.; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Pérez-Castiñeira, J. R.; Serrano-Bueno, G.; Navas, Plácido; Serrano, A.
closedAccess2007Antioxidanst in differentiation of leukemic cellsLópez-Lluch, Guillermo; Siendones, Emilio; Moreno Fernández-Ayala, Daniel J.; Navas, Plácido
closedAccess14-Oct-2010Caloric restriction reduces IgA levels and modifies cytokine mRNA expression in mouse small intestineLara-Padilla, Eleazar; Campos-Rodríguez, Rafael; Jarillo-Luna, Adriana; Reyna-Garfias, Humberto; Rivera-Aguilar, Víctor; Miliar, Ángel; Berral de la Rosa, Francisco J.; Navas, Plácido; López-Lluch, Guillermo
closedAccess27-Mar-2011Calorie restriction modifies ubiquinone and COQ transcript levels in mouse tissuesParrado-Fernández, Cristina; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Rodríguez-Bies, Elisabet; Santa-Cruz Calvo, Sara; Navas, Plácido; Ramsey, Jon J.; Villalba, José M.
openAccess13-Sep-2010Complex I-Associated Hydrogen Peroxide Production Is Decreased and Electron Transport Chain Enzyme Activities Are Altered in n-3 Enriched fat-1 MiceHagopian, Kevork; Weber, Kristina L.; Hwee, Darren T.; Eenennaam, Alison L.; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Villalba, José M.; Burón, María I.; Navas, Plácido; German, J. Bruce; Watkins, Steven M., et al
openAccess2010Cultivos CelularesLópez-Lluch, Guillermo
closedAccessMar-2008Dicoumarol down-regulates human PTTG1/Securin mRNA expression through inhibition of Hsp90Hernández, Agustín; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Bernal, Juan A.; Navas, Plácido; Pintor-Toro, José Antonio
closedAccess18-Apr-2005Dicoumarol relieves serum withdrawal-induced G0/1 blockade in HL-60 cells through a superoxide-dependent mechanismBello, Rosario I.; Gómez-Díaz, Consuelo; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Forthoffer, Nathalie; Córdoba-Pedregosa, María C.; Navas, Plácido; Villalba, José M.
openAccess12-Dec-2011Dietary fat modulates calorie restriction-induced changes of apoptotic markers in mouse skeletal muscleLópez-Domínguez, J. A.; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Fernández del Río, L.; Navas, Plácido; Ramsey, Jon J.; Burón, María I.; Villalba, José M.
closedAccess12-Sep-2008Enhanced induction of apoptosis in a radio-resistant bladder tumor cell line by combined treatments with X-rays and wortmanninOrtiz, Trinidad; Burguillos, Miguel Ángel; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Navas, Plácido; Herrador, Miguel; González, Isabel; Piñero, Joaquín
closedAccessJul-2010Epigenetics in aging and age-related diseasesSanta-Cruz Calvo, Sara; Navas, Plácido; López-Lluch, Guillermo
closedAccess11-Nov-2008HDAC and Hsp90 Inhibitors Down-Regulate PTTG1/Securin But Do Not Induce AneuploidyLópez-Lluch, Guillermo; Hernández, Agustín; Navas, Plácido; Pintor-Toro, José Antonio
openAccess12-Dec-2011Inorganic pyrophosphatase defects lead to cell cycle arrest and autophagic cell death through NAD+-Depletion in fermenting yeastSerrano, Gloria; Hernández, Agustín; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Pérez-Castiñeira, J. R.; Navas, Plácido; Serrano, Aurelio
closedAccess2011Is coenzyme Q a key factor in aging?López-Lluch, Guillermo; Rodríguez-Aguilera, Juan Carlos; Santos-Ocaña, Carlos; Navas, Plácido
closedAccess9-Jul-2008Mitochondrial biogenesis and healthy agingLópez-Lluch, Guillermo; Irusta, Pablo M.; Navas, Plácido; Cabo, Rafael de
openAccess12-Dec-2011Mitochondrial dynamics in hepatocytes from mice fed caloric restriction diets with different fat sourcesKhraiwesh, H.; González-Reyes, J. A.; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Navas, Plácido; Ramsey, Jon J.; Villalba, José M.
openAccess12-Dec-2011Mitochondrial homeostasis in ageingLópez-Lluch, Guillermo
closedAccess30-Aug-2008Molecular Bases of Caloric Restriction Regulation of Neuronal Synaptic PlasticityFontán-Lozano, Ángela; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Delgado-García, José María; Navas, Plácido; Carrión, Ángel Manuel
openAccess9-Nov-2010Muscle Physiology Changes Induced by Every Other Day Feeding and Endurance Exercise in Mice: Effects on Physical PerformanceRodríguez-Bies, Elisabet; Santa-Cruz Calvo, Sara; Fontán-Lozano, Ángela; Peña Amaro, José; Berral de la Rosa, Francisco J.; Carrión, Ángel Manuel; Navas, Plácido; López-Lluch, Guillermo
closedAccess11-Jun-2009N-acetylcysteine, coenzyme Q10 and superoxide dismutase mimetic prevent mitochondrial cell dysfunction and cell death induced by d-galactosamine in primary culture of human hepatocytesGonzález, Raúl; Ferrín, Gustavo; Hidalgo, Ana B.; Ranchal, Isidora; López-Cillero, Pedro; Santos-González, Mónica; López-Lluch, Guillermo; Briceño, Javier; Gómez, Miguel. A.; Poyato, Antonio, et al