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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2010Color-stabilizing effect of lactate on ground beef is packaging-dependentSuman, S.P.; Mancini, R.A.; Joseph, P.; Ramanathan, Ravishankar; Konda, M.K.R.; Dady, G.; Naveena, B.M.; López López, Inés
closedAccess2009Composition and antioxidant capacity of low-salt meat emulsion model systems containing edible seaweedsLópez López, Inés; Bastida, Sara; Ruiz-Capillas, C.; Bravo, Laura; Larrea, M. Teresa; Sánchez-Muniz, F. J.; Cofrades, Susana; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco
closedAccess2009Design and nutritional properties of potential functional frankfurters based on lipid formulation, added seaweed and low salt contentLópez López, Inés; Cofrades, Susana; Ruiz-Capillas, C.; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco
closedAccess2010Effects of lactate and modified atmospheric packaging on premature browning in cooked ground beef pattiesMancini, R.A.; Ramanathan, Ravishankar; Suman, S.P.; Konda, M.K.R.; Joseph, P.; Dady, G.A.; Naveena, B.M.; López López, Inés
closedAccess2010Frozen storage characteristics of low-salt and low-fat beef patties as affected by Wakame addition and replacing pork backfat with olive oil-in-water emulsionLópez López, Inés; Cofrades, Susana; Yakan, A.; Solas, M. Teresa; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco
closedAccess2010Lutein-enriched frankfurter-type products: Physicochemical characteristics and lutein in vitro bioaccessibilityGranado Lorencio, Fernando; López López, Inés; Herrero-Barbudo, Carmen; Blanco-Navarro, Inmaculada; Cofrades, Susana; Delgado Pando, G.; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco; Pérez-Sacristán, B.
openAccess22-Sep-2011Method for obtaining healthy meat products using algaeCofrades, Susana; López López, Inés; Ruiz-Capillas, C.; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco
closedAccess2010Nutritional and antioxidant properties of different brown and red Spanish edible seaweedsCofrades, Susana; López López, Inés; Bravo, Laura; Ruiz-Capillas, C.; Bastida, Sara; Larrea, M. Teresa; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco
closedAccess2008Raman spectroscopic evaluation of meat batter structural changes induced by thermal treatment and salt additionHerrero, Ana M.; Carmona, Pedro; López López, Inés; Jiménez Colmenero, Francisco