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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccessOct-2006Acoustic propagation trough internal gravity waves using normal-modeKormann, Jean; Ranz Guerra, Carlos
openAccessNov-2011Application of acoustic full waveform inversion to retrieve high-resolution temperature and salinity profiles from synthetic seismic dataKormann, Jean; Biescas, Berta; Korta, N.; de la Puente, Josep; Sallarès, Valentí
openAccessAug-2005The influence of ocean waves in shallow water problemsKormann, Jean; Ranz Guerra, Carlos; Fernández, Alejandro
openAccessSep-2004Influencia del oleaje: entorno Peckeris y solución de alta frecuenciaKormann, Jean; Ranz Guerra, Carlos
closedAccessNov-2009Modelling seismic oceanography experiments by using first- and second-order Complex Frequency Shifted Perfectly Matched LayersKormann, Jean; Cobo, Pedro; Recuero López, Manuel; Biescas, Berta; Sallarès, Valentí
openAccessJan-2014Origin of water layer multiple phases with anomalously high amplitude in near-seafloor wide-angle seismic recordingsMeléndez, Adrià; Sallarès, Valentí; Ranero, César R.; Kormann, Jean
closedAccess2-May-2008Perfectly matched layers for modelling seismic oceanography experimentsKormann, Jean; Cobo, Pedro; Prieto, Andrés
closedAccess16-Nov-2012Seismic data imaging and inversion as a tool for physical oceanographersSallarès, Valentí; Biescas, Berta; Kormann, Jean; Buffett, Grant; Mojica, J.F.; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Carbonell, Ramón
openAccessJun-2010Synthetic modelling of acoustical propagation applied to seismic oceanography experimentsKormann, Jean; Cobo, Pedro; Biescas, Berta; Sallarès, Valentí; Papenberg, C.; Recuero López, Manuel; Carbonell, Ramón
openAccessJul-2007Underwater acoustic propagation model to simulate seismic oceanography experimentsKormann, Jean; Cobo, Pedro; Ranz Guerra, Carlos
openAccessJul-2007Underwater noise impact of offshore wind farms during construction and operation phasesCobo, Pedro; Kormann, Jean; Ranz Guerra, Carlos