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openAccessLubian_2005.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2009Assessment of the health status of populations of the ragworm Nereis diversicolor using biomarkers at different levels of biological organisationKalman, Judit ; Palais, F.; Amiard, J. C.; Mouneyrac, C.; Muntz, A.; Blasco, Julián  ; Riba, Inmaculada ; Amiard-Triquet, C.artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgAug-2010Assessment of the influence of confounding factors (weight, salinity) on the response of biomarkers in the estuarine polychaete Nereis diversicolorKalman, Judit ; Buffet, P. E.; Amiard, J. C.; Denis, F.; Mouneyrac, C.; Amiard-Triquet, C.artículo
closedAccessJan-2012Bioaccumulation and Effects of Metals Bound to Sediments Collected from Gulf of Cádiz (SW Spain) Using the Polychaete Arenicola marinaKalman, Judit ; Riba, Inmaculada ; Del Valls, T. A.; Blasco, Julián  artículo
closedAccess15-Jan-2010Biodynamic modelling of the accumulation of Ag, Cd and Zn by the deposit-feeding polychaete Nereis diversicolor: Inter-population variability and a generalised predictive modelKalman, Judit ; Smith, B. D.; Riba, Inmaculada ; Blasco, Julián  ; Rainbow, P. S.artículo
closedAccess13-Nov-2009Comparative toxicity of cadmium in the commercial fish species Sparus aurata and Solea senegalensisKalman, Judit ; Riba, Inmaculada ; Del Valls, T. A.; Blasco, Julián  artículo
closedAccess28-Nov-2006Comparing sediment quality in Spanish littoral areas affected by acute (Prestige, 2002) and chronic (Bay of Algeciras) oil spillsMorales-Caselles, Carmen ; Kalman, Judit ; Riba, Inmaculada ; Del Valls, T. A.artículo
closedAccess15-Dec-2006Determining sediment quality for regulatory proposes using fish chronic bioassaysJiménez-Tenorio, Natalia; Morales-Caselles, Carmen ; Kalman, Judit ; Salamanca, M. José; González de Canales, María Luisa; Sarasquete, Carmen  artículo
closedAccess22-May-2010Influence of sediment acidification on the bioaccumulation of metals in Ruditapes philippinarumRiba, Inmaculada ; Kalman, Judit ; Vale, Carlos; Blasco, Julián  artículo
closedAccess9-Jan-2007The use of a metallothionein-like-proteins (MTLP) kinetic approach for metal bioavailability monitoring in dredged materialMartín-Díaz, M. Laura ; Kalman, Judit ; Riba, Inmaculada ; Fernández de la Reguera, Diana; Blasco, Julián  ; Del Valls, T. A.artículo