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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Nov-2010Charged-Higgs phenomenology in the aligned two-Higgs-doublet modelJung, Martin; Pich, Antonio; Tuzón, PaulaArtículo
10-Apr-2014Electric dipole moments in two-Higgs-doublet modelsJung, Martin; Pich, AntonioArtículo
10-Dec-2009General analysis of U-spin breaking in B decaysJung, Martin; Mannel, T.Artículo
11-Aug-2009Sequential flavor symmetry breakingJung, Martin; Mannel, T; Feldmann, TArtículo
9-Aug-2010SuperB Progress Reports -- PhysicsBernabéu, José; Botella, Francisco J.; Jung, Martin; López-March, Neus; Martínez-Vidal, Fernando; Oyanguren, Arantza; Pich, Antonio; Sanchís Lozano, Miguel Ángel; Vidal, Jorge; Vives, Óscar; Heinemeyer, SvenPre-print
23-Nov-2010The B -> Xs gamma Rate and CP Asymmetry within the Aligned Two-Higgs-Doublet ModelJung, Martin; Pich, Antonio; Tuzón, PaulaPre-print

Showing results 1 to 6 of 6