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openAccessmarinedrugs-17-00194.pdf.jpg27-Mar-2019Assessment of Cholesterol, Glycemia Control and Short- and Long-Term Antihypertensive Effects of Smooth Hound Viscera Peptides in High-Salt and Fructose Diet-Fed Wistar RatsAbdelhedi, Ola; Khemakhem, Hana; Nasri, Rim; Jridi, Mourad; Mora, Leticia ; Ben Amor, Ikram; Jamoussi, Kamel; Toldrá, Fidel; Gargouri, Jalel; Nasri, Moncefartículo
openAccessFood Res 2016-9-23.pdf.jpg16-May-2016Combined biocatalytic conversion of smooth hound viscera: Protein hydrolysates elaboration and assessment of their antioxidant, anti-ACE and antibacterial activitiesAbdelhedi, Ola; Jridi, Mourad; Jemil, Ines; Mora, Leticia ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Boualga, Ahmed; Nasri, Moncef; Nasri, Rimartículo
openAccessFood Chem_2017_230_507-515.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2017Effect of ultrasound pretreatment and Maillard reaction on structure and antioxidant properties of ultrafiltrated smooth-hound viscera proteins-sucrose conjugatesAbdelhedi, Ola; Mora, Leticia ; Jemil, Ines;; Jridi, Mourad; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, Moncef; Nasri, Rimartículo
openAccessFood Control-2018-Jridi.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2017Effects of active gelatin coated with henna (L. inermis) extract on beef meat quality during chilled storageJridi, Mourad; Mora, Leticia ; Souissi, Nabil; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Nasri, Moncef; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel artículo
openAccessProcess Biochem_2017_ 58_145-159.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2017In silico analysis and antihypertensive effect of ACE-inhibitory peptides from smooth-hound viscera protein hydrolysate: Enzyme-peptide interaction study using molecular docking simulationAbdelhedi, Ola; Nasri, Rim; Jridi, Mourad; Mora, Leticia ; Oseguera-Toledo, Miguel Eduardo; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Amara, Ibtissen Ben; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, Moncefartículo
openAccessFoodResInt_ 2017_100_121-133.pdf.jpg7-Jun-2017Novel bioactive peptides from enzymatic hydrolysate of Sardinelle (Sardinella aurita) muscle proteins hydrolysed by Bacillus subtilis A26 proteasesJemil, Ines; Abdelhedi, Ola; Nasri, Rim; Mora, Leticia ; Jridi, Mourad; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, Moncefartículo
openAccessProcess Biochem 2016 51-2186-2197.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2016Peptidomic analysis of bioactive peptides in zebra blenny (Salaria basilisca) muscle protein hydrolysate exhibiting antimicrobial activity obtained by fermentation with Bacillus mojavensis A21Jemil, Ines; Abdelhedi, Ola; Mora, Leticia ; Nasri, Rim; Aristoy, María Concepción ; Jridi, Mourad; Hajji, Mohamed; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, Moncefartículo
openAccessFood Hydrocolloids 2019-87_331-341.pdf.jpg2019Rheological and structural properties of Hemiramphus far skin gelatin: Potential use as an active fish coating agentAbdelhedi, Ola; Jridi, Mourad; Nasri, Rim; Mora, Leticia ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Nasri, Moncefartículo
openAccessColloids Surfaces A 2017 512-71-79.pdf.jpg13-Oct-2016Wound healing activity of cuttlefish gelatin gels and films enriched by henna (Lawsonia inermis) extractJridi, Mourad; Sellimi, Sabrine; Lassoued, Khaled Ben; Beltaief, Sabrine; Souissi, Nabil; Mora, Leticia ; Toldrá Vilardell, Fidel ; Elfeki, Abdelfatteh; Nasri, Moncef; Nasri, Rimartículo