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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2010A positron annihilation study of two Fe-Al alloys in the B2 regionRío del, J.; Diego de, N.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Gómez, C.
closedAccess2005A positron study of the defect structures in the D03 and B2 phases in the Fe–Al systemDiego, N. de; Plazaola, F.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Serna, J.; Río, J. del
closedAccess2003AFM and SEM characterization of non-toxic vanadium-free Ti alloys used as biomaterialsMorant, C.; López, M. F.; Gutiérrez, A.; Jiménez, José Antonio
closedAccess2008Al versus Si competition in FeSiAl alloysLegarra, E.; Apiñaniz, E.; Plazaola, F.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Pierna, A. R.
closedAccess2010Analysis of the microstructure evolution during tensile testing at room temperature of high-manganese austenitic steelJiménez, José Antonio; Frommeyer, G.
openAccess15-Dec-2007Assessment of factors influencing surface recrystallization during high temperature exposure of fine grained PM 2000 alloyGonzález-Carrasco, José Luis; Chao, Jesús; Capdevila, Carlos; Jiménez, José Antonio; Amigó, V.; Salvador, M. D.
openAccess2007Bend and Shear Tests: Suitable Methods for Mechanical Characterization of Laminated Composite MaterialsCarreño, Fernando; Pozuelo, M.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
openAccess1998Caracterización y propiedades mecánicas a alta temperatura de un acero inoxidable dúplexJiménez, José Antonio; Carsí, Manuel; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess2000Characterization and Mechanical Properties of a δ/γ Duplex Stainless SteelJiménez, José Antonio; Carsí, Manuel; Frommeyer, G.; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess1996Characterization and mechanical properties of ultrahigh boron steels produced by powder metallurgyJiménez, José Antonio; González-Doncel, Gaspar; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess2000Characterization of a δ/γ duplex stainless steelJiménez, José Antonio; Carsí, Manuel; Peñalba, F.; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess1992Characterization of rapidly solidified ultrahigh boron steelsJiménez, José Antonio; Adeva, Paloma; Cristina, M. C.; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccessJun-2014Characterization of the Aluminas Formed During the Thermal Decomposition of Boehmite by the Rietveld Refinement MethodJiménez, José Antonio; Padilla, Isabel; López-Delgado, Aurora; Fillali, Laila; López-Andrés, Sol
closedAccess2008Comparative study of the oxide scale thermally grown on titanium alloys by ion beam analysis techniques and scanning electron microscopyGutiérrez, A.; Pászti, F.; Climent-Font, A.; Jiménez, José Antonio; López, M. F.
closedAccess2007Core-level electronic properties of nanostructured NiO coatingsPalacín, S.; Gutiérrez, A.; Preda, I.; Hernández Vélez, M.; Sanz, R.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Soriano, L.
closedAccess2000Creep behavior of an oxide dispersion strengthened Ni3Al ordered intermetallic materialCarreño, Fernando; Jiménez, José Antonio; Ruano, Oscar Antonio
closedAccess1996Creep behavior of intermetallic FeAl and FeAlCr alloysJiménez, José Antonio; Frommeyer, G.
closedAccess2014Crystallization, phase evolution and corrosion of Fe-based metallic glasses: An atomic-scale structural and chemical characterization studyDuarte, M.J.; Kostka, A.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Choi, P.; Klemm, J.; Crespo, D.; Raabe, D.; Rennert, F.U.
closedAccess2004Defect analysis of Fe3(Al1– x Si x ) alloys by positron-lifetime spectroscopyOrtega, Y.; Diego, N. de; Jiménez, José Antonio; Río, J. del
openAccess30-Aug-2005Desarrollo y caracterización del material compuesto de base cobre reforzado con cerámicas intermetálicas de TiB2López, M.; Camurri, C.; Corredor, D.; Jiménez, José Antonio