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Sep-2010The novel RUNX3/p33 isoform is induced upon monocyte-derived dendritic cell maturation and downregulates IL-8 expressionPuig-Kröger, Amaya; Aguilera-Montilla, Noemí; Martínez-Nuñez, Rocío; Domínguez-Soto, Angeles; Sánchez-Cabo, Fátima; Martín-Gayo, Enrique; Zaballos, Ángel; Toribio, María Luisa; Groner, Yoram; Ito, Yoshiaki; Dopazo, Ana; Corcuera, María T.; Alonso Martín, María J.; Vega, Miguel A.; Corbí, Angel L.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 1 of 1