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13-Jan-2004The adsorption kinetics of 1-N-L-tryptophan–glycerol-ether surfactants at the air–liquid interface: effect of surfactant concentration and alkyl chain lengthDelgado Andrade, Cristina; Merchán, M. Dolores; Velázquez, M. Mercedes; Pegiadou, Sofía; Pérez, Lourdes; Infante, María RosaArtículo
2-Mar-2004Assessment of primary eye and skin irritants by in vitro cytotoxicity and phototoxicity models: an in vitro approach of new arginine-based surfactant-induced irritationBenavides, Tomás; Mitjans, Montserrat; Martínez, Verónica; Clapés Saborit, Pere; Infante, María Rosa; Clothier, Richard; Vinardell, M. PilarArtículo
21-May-2004Assessment of the potential irritation and photoirritation of novel amino acid-based surfactants by in vitro methods as alternative to the animal testsBenavides, Tomás; Martínez, Verónica; Mitjans, Montserrat; Infante, María Rosa; Morán, María del Carmen; Clapés Saborit, Pere; Clothier, Richard; Vinardell, M. PilarArtículo
30-Dec-2004Assessment of the potential skin irritation of lysine-derivative anionic surfactants using mouse fibroblasts and human keratinocytes as an alternative to animal testingSánchez, Lourdes; Mitjans, Montserrat; Infante, María Rosa; Vinardell, M. PilarArtículo
12-May-2005Biological properties of arginine-based glycerolipidic cationic surfactantsPérez, Noemí; Pérez, Lourdes; Infante, María Rosa; García Ramón, María TeresaArtículo
16-May-2006The biological properties of lysine-derived surfactantsSánchez, Lourdes; Mitjans, Montserrat; Infante, María Rosa; García-Ramon, María Teresa; Manresa, Ángeles; Vinardell, M. PilarArtículo
2-Sep-1993Cationic surfactants containing a disulphide in the molecule thereof, production methodInfante, María Rosa; Pinazo Gassol, Aurora; Diz Vaz, Manuela; Erra Serrabasa, PilarPatente
14-Sep-2006Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and Antimicrobial and Haemolytic Activities of Amphiphilic Bis(phenylacetylarginine) DerivativesCastillo Expósito, José A.; Infante, María Rosa; Manresa, Ángeles; Vinardell, M. Pilar; Mitjans, Montserrat; Clapés Saborit, PereArtículo
8-Feb-2006Comparative study of the antimicrobial activity of bis(Nα-caproyl-L-arginine)-1,3- propanediamine dihydrochloride and chlorhexidine dihydrochloride against Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coliCastillo Expósito, José A.; Clapés Saborit, Pere; Infante, María Rosa; Comas, Jaume; Manresa, ÁngelesArtículo
1-Nov-2006Determination of interleukin-1α in human NCTC 2544 keratinocyte cells as a predictor of skin irritation from lysine-based surfactantsSánchez, Lourdes; Mitjans, Montserrat; Infante, María Rosa; Vinardell, M. PilarArtículo
Sep-2007Disturbance of erythrocyte lipid bilayer by amino acid-based surfactantsMartínez, Verónica; Sánchez, Lourdes; Busquets, M. Antònia; Infante, María Rosa; Vinardell, M. Pilar; Mitjans, MontserratArtículo
5-Nov-2005The effect of molecular shape on the thermotropic liquid crystal behavior of monolauroylated amino acid glyceride conjugatesMorán, María del Carmen; Pinazo Gassol, Aurora; Clapés Saborit, Pere; Infante, María Rosa; Pons Pons, RamonArtículo
16-Jan-2002Enzymatic production of geminal cationic surfactants consists of application of ethanol type enzymes for bonding of arginine and diamine derivatives.Clapés Saborit, Pere; Piera Vilar, Eulalia; Urgell, Joan B.; Infante, María RosaPatente
15-Aug-1996Geminal Cationic Surfactants of the type N'alpha'N'omega' bis(n'alpha'-acyl-arginin)'alpha','omega' diamino alkyl dichlorohydrates as antimicrobial agentsInfante, María Rosa; Pérez Muñoz, LourdesPatente
26-Mar-2004"Green" amino acid-based surfactantsMorán, María del Carmen; Pinazo Gassol, Aurora; Pérez, Lourdes; Clapés Saborit, Pere; Angelet, Marta; García Ramón, María Teresa; Vinardell, M. Pilar; Infante, María RosaArtículo
17-Jan-2007Hemolysis and antihemolysis induced by amino acid-based surfactantsSánchez, Lourdes; Martínez, Verónica; Infante, María Rosa; Mitjans, Montserrat; Vinardell, M. PilarArtículo
13-Mar-2004Interaction of antimicrobial arginine-based cationic surfactants with liposomes and lipid monolayersCastillo Expósito, José A.; Pinazo Gassol, Aurora; Carilla, Josep; Infante, María Rosa; Alsina, M. Asunción; Haro Villar, Isabel; Clapés Saborit, PereArtículo
24-Jun-2009Interaction of arginine-based cationic surfactants with membranes. An experimental and molecular simulation studyAlmeida, Joao A. S.; Morán, María del Carmen; Infante, María Rosa; Pais, Alberto A. C. C.Artículo
19-Apr-2007Interactions between gemini surfactants and polymers: thermodynamic studiesMuzzalupo, Rita; Infante, María Rosa; Pérez, Lourdes; Pinazo Gassol, Aurora; Marqués, Eduardo F.; Antonelli, Marta Letizia; Strinati, Chiara; La Mesa, CamilloArtículo
7-Sep-2007Investigation of the micellization process of single and gemini surfactants from arginine by SAXS, NMR self-diffusion, and light scatteringPérez, Lourdes; Pinazo Gassol, Aurora; Infante, María Rosa; Pons Pons, RamonArtículo

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