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3-Jul-2008Resveratrol Delays Age-Related Deterioration and Mimics Transcriptional Aspects of Dietary Restriction without Extending Life SpanPearson, Kevin J.; Baur, Joseph A.; Lewis, Kaitlyn N.; Peshkin, Leonid; Price, Nathan L.; Labinskyy, Nazar; Swindell, William R.; Kamara, Davida; Minor, Robin K.; Pérez, Evelin; Jamieson, Hamish A.; Zhang, Yongqing; Dunn, Stephen R.; Sharma, Kumar; Pleshko, Nancy; Woollett, Laura A.; Csiszar, Anna; Ikeno, Yuji; Couteur, David le; Elliott, Peter J.; Becker, Kevin G.; Navas, Plácido; Ingram, Donald K.; Wolf, Norman S.; Ungvari, Zoltan; Sinclair, David A.; Cabo, Rafael deArtículo

Showing results 1 to 1 of 1